THE ONE-ON-ONES: D’Tunes (Season 2, Episode 3)

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Happy Thursday folks! On today’s episode, I have the brain behind the party song of 2012, Iyanya’s Kukere. People, it’s D’Tunes again!

Wana: Good evening D’Tunes.
D’Tunes: Evening sir

Wana: How body?
D’Tunes: Body dey like Bayo, we chilling like Chile, droppin’ hits like Dolapo 🙂

Wana: LOOOOOOOOL…. You suppose be rapper oh.
D’Tunes: I be rapper before nah… I was formerly D’Block, coined from my name Doyin… Was in a rap group of 8 called the RS squad… Those days wey we dey rap for University. 😀

Wana: So why did you change from rapper to producer then?
D’Tunes: I had always been the producer of the rap group, but not too serious… Just enough for us to practice our rhymes… I only had a Pentium 2 PC and that big gbongbola monitor of then.

Wana: LOOOOL! But things don change now ba?
D’Tunes: We thank the Lord… It’s been a long journey, but I’m grateful to God. 3yrs ago I was gettin paid N700 for a beat… Now I’m a multimillionaire off beats. God has been faithful.

Wana: Wow… God is good oh… So which do you prefer, being a rapper or a producer?
D’Tunes: Producer!

Wana: It’s easier?
D’Tunes: Nah… As a producer, I can be all I wanna be… A producer is different from a beatmaker, you know. I produce rap acts and I even write for my artists… Rappers & singers.

Wana: Wow… Only you fit make a whole album oh… The multi-talented D’Tunes 😀
D’Tunes: Ossssshheeyyyy!!!!

Wana: So what’s your full name?
D’Tunes: Adesanya Doyinsola Joshua

Wana: What state are you from?
D’Tunes: Ogun state

Wana: Ah…. Those people that like juju too much. Is that where you grew up?
D’Tunes: Nahhh. LOOOOL! Juju ke? Been in Lagos all my life. Grew up in Lagos.

Wana: How does it feel to have produced arguably the best party jam of 2012, Kukere?
D’Tunes: It’s a wonderful feeling oh. For me it’s special. Truth be told it’s not arguably d biggest song of 2012, it’s the biggest song of the year! Travelling across Nigeria makes you understand that. So many songs are big in Lagos and Abuja, but if you get to some other parts of the country, it ain’t shit. But Kukere… Damn… You should see Hausa Fulanis rocking to the beat. I cried that day. It was magical.

Wana: Fulanis dey do Etighi? LOOOOOOL! That’s some funny shii! What’s your pre-work routine? What do you do before you start beat-making/producing?
D’Tunes: I don’t have any pre-work routine! Music for me is an extension of my days in the choir. I just commit d session into God’s hands and I try my best to let the best idea win. The best idea in this case means in the making of a song or a beat, if the artist suggests an idea we must try it out and see how it sounds, and if I have an idea of the lyrics too, so it’s a partnership. I don’t drink or smoke, so no external ginger but Baba God.

Wana: You don’t drink or smoke? Hmmm… So what’s your favorite leisure activity? How do you chill?
D’Tunes: I love movies. I’m already taking some tutorials in cinematography and editing. I spend most of my spare time watching a lotta movies. Suits, Game of Thrones, Fringe, For Better For Worse. And I buy a lotta of books too. 48 Laws of Power, Talent Is Never Enough etc. I was raised up to read… Gat so many books… My dad used to bring all Nigerian newspapers home after work when he was in service. That’s a total of like 4 newspapers everyday. So, I just picked up reading – It was my first cure for boredom.

Wana: Wow. You play any sports?
D’Tunes: Yep. Football, Tennis and Basketball… Chess & Scrabble too.

Wana: Ahan… Is there anything you can’t do?
D’Tunes: *whew* *scratching my head* Surely there would be things I can’t do… Like I can’t swim.

Wana: LOOOOOL. Why? You have a fear of water?
D’Tunes: Small… I don’t like rain too X_X

Wana: Buhahahahahaha. What’s your relationship status?
D’Tunes: Single

Wana: You’re still searching?
D’Tunes: Actually, my being single is a result of hardwork and focusing on my craft.

Wana: So it’s money over women for you?
D’Tunes: It was, I would say. Truth be told I’ve been sleeping on studio floors for the last 3 years since I quit school for music. Hasn’t been easy… Family didn’t support the vision, so I had to build from scratch. Who’s gonna love the dreamer boy? So, I had to focus on my craft and show peeps that I was good, and that they could trust me with their money and their artistic talent. ‘Cause mind you, I was 18 when I dropped outta school to do music full-time. I was very young… Who would saddle the responsibility of making their artist blow in the hands of a boy? So women and fun had to take a back seat.

Wana: Wow…. Yours, is the true story of a hustler… So how does family react now that the boy is a superstar?
D’Tunes: My mum never supported… Till she passed away last December she never stepped into my studio, even when I’d just started and my studio was just behind the main house in our family house. My family is proud of their superstar now sha. My Papa brags about my achievements… I know Mama looks down from heaven and smiles too.

Wana: May she rest in peace.
D’Tunes: Amen

Wana: Who’s your Nigerian female celebrity crush?
D’Tunes: None

Wana: None ke? Not even Mercy Johnson? Or Tiwa Savage?
D’Tunes: Nahhh… Not like they are not sexy and all, but I just don’t have a crush yet. At least not now.

Wana: Hmmmm… Uncle D’Tunes… Issorai…
D’Tunes: =)) You wan koba mi abii? Make I go talk sey I dey crush on someone now… Make e kon turn kasala… Hmmmm… Joor ooo. 

Wana: LOOOOOL! What is D’Tunes addicted to?
D’Tunes: I’m addicted to God and hardwork… I think the body gets used to things, so nowadays I’m learning to be an adult and have a balanced life. I’m trying not be addicted to work work work work, cause trust me it’s no success when you’re just successful as a producer, and the other aspects of your life, like family can’t cope. That’s whack success.

Wana: True… Everything has to be working well… Oya let’s round this up… I’ll give you some options and you’ll choose 1… Cool?
D’Tunes: Aii… Shoot!

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
D’Tunes: Dodo… I like dodo like mad… And Dun-Dun… Fried potatoes too. 

Wana: *smh* You no sabi better thing >:/
D’Tunes: Olodo

Wana: Hahahahahaha
D’Tunes: So Moin-Moin is better thing?

Wana: Yes na 😀
D’Tunes: You be Omoko… Bush Boy:>

Wana: Loooooooool. Dami Duro or Oliver Twist?
D’Tunes: Dami Duro. Anyday. Anytime

Wana: Cool! Thanks for the interview, D’Tunes.
D’Tunes: You welcome sir… Thanks for having me. God bless!
As much as I want these interviews to be funny and all, I also want people to be able to learn one or two things from them. And there are two major lessons to learn from this interview:

1. Never kill somebody’s hustle. Support them always, and if you can’t, leave them alone. Don’t kill their dreams.

2. D’Tunes is a bush boy. How will you think Dodo is tush? Bleh!

See y’all next week!!!
Mayowa “Wana” George



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