THE ONE-ON-ONES: Chuddy K (Season 2, Episode 4)

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Another joyous Thursday people!

Today’s interview is with another of 2012’s dancehall kings, Chuddy K.

Wana: Good afternoon, Chuddy K.
Chuddy K: Afternoon, Wana

Wana: How body?
Chuddy K: Body dey inside cloth oh… Thanks

Wana: Hope say na designer cloth?
Chuddy K: Of course nah. 😀

Wana: Lol. So, Uncle Chuddy, what’s your full name?
Chuddy K: My names are Chukwudi Kent Agali

Wana: Agali? Hmmm… Are you related to former Super Eagles striker Victor Agali?
Chuddy K: I don’t know oh… My family is very big.

Wana: Oh… Cool… So you got the names Chuddy K by shortening your names, yes? What nicknames do you have?
Chuddy K: Loool…. Yes. People call me CK.

Wana: CK… Calvin Klein 😀 What’s your date of birth?
Chuddy K: 15th of July.

Wana: E don pass… I for give you gift… Which state are you from?
Chuddy K: I’m from Delta state.

Wana: All you half-Yoruba people… What do you like the most about your state?
Chuddy K: Loool. The culture and food

Wana: Lol. What’s your favorite traditional meal?
Chuddy K: Banga soup and starch.

Wana: Looooool! The name is funny! So, unto music. What inspired you to become an artiste?
Chuddy K: God-given talent and music itself… When I was growing up, I loved cartoons… Still do sef. I always anticipated the music in them, and sang along. Also I was a young singer in church… Was eight years old then.

Wana: Talent you definitely have… But how did you transform from church music to dancehall music?
Chuddy K: Ermm… I really don’t know.

Wana: Loooool. You just like singing songs people can groove to?
Chuddy K: It’s all music nah. I’m still a singer. Music is my hustle.

Wana: Confirm hustle… But if not music, what would be the hustle?
Chuddy K: Acting, probably. Or football.

Wana: You’re a good footballer? Hmmm… Which position do you play?
Chuddy K: Striker

Wana: Wa shere… Robin van Chuddy K 😀
Chuddy K: LOOOOL!

Wana: What’s your relationship status? Who’s Mrs Chuddy K?
Chuddy K: Hahaha… There’s no Mrs Chuddy K yet oh! But I’m very much in love with someone.

Wana: Awwwww… She no gree for you abi? She doesn’t want you to drive her Gaga Crazy.
Chuddy K: If I hear… She’s with me as we chat.

Wana: LOOOL… Tell her Wana says hi… If you could have a Nigerian female celebrity to yourself for one night though, who would it be?
Chuddy K: Hahaha… Okay.  Hmmm… That would be Yeka.

Wana: Yeka Onka, winner of Nigerian Idol? My wife? If I catch you Chuddy K!
Chuddy K: LOOOL! See you!

Wana: What’s your favorite hangout spot?
Chuddy K: Any hangout in my hood, Lekki.

Wana: Cool… I’ll give you some choices and you’ll choose one, okay?
Chuddy K: Ok

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Chuddy K: Moin-Moin.

Wana: Wa shere! Confirm! Boobs or ass?
Chuddy K: Ass!!!

Wana: Hmmmm! Uncle Chuddy! Thanks for the Interview!
Chuddy K: You’re welcome brah.
See as them wan steal my wife for my hand… God dey oh…

See you next Thursday! Read the previous episode withD’Tunes here. 

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