SARAH DUAH’s Hairy Dress Collection (What do you think?)

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Sarah Duah is a 22 year old German designer who showcased a very creative and breathtaking collection at the recent Ghana Fashion and Design week.  All her collection of dresses, jackets, skirt, and bikini were all made from HUMAN HAIR.  I know what you are thinking right, ”How would she waste expensive human hair to make such pieces?”

Regardless of the choice of fabric, I LOVED EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF GARMENT.  But the question is, Can you  or would you wear one of these pieces? (I know her pieces would make Lady Gaga proud and I think our very own Goldie might be able to pull off a piece from this collection). 

Another notable touch from Sarah’s collection are her self designed heel free platform boots.  This is one African designer to most certainly watch out for.   



Maryanne Alabi, popularly known as Mayreejay is a wardrobe consultant, CEO of her self named company "Maryanne Alabi". Deputy editor for Bloke mag, contributing Fashion editor for Y!Mag. Fierce lover of and everything Glamorous!! Follow me on twitter @mayreejay for fab fashion updates.

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