Project Fame 5 The Biggest Ever!!!

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The current year’s MTN PROJECT FAME has broken all the records again!! In a season full of surprises, budding talent and several never-seen-before occurrences, it has been a roller coaster ride right from the start.

One the most interesting twists this season was the wild card entry, which used the social and internet media to select an outsider who had missed the direct entry audition mode to get into the MTN PF Academy to join the contestants who made it through. In a never-done-before process, Ella fought her way through hundreds of entries and votes to make it to the last five and after a live stage performance was the final judges choice and the first ever Wild Card entry on MTN Project Fame.

Another not-to-be-forgotten-soon benefit of MTN PF this year is the discovery of Afrobeat/R&B fussion which Ayo brought to life in his remix of Olufunmi with such style that its unmistakable that a re-awakening of Afrobeat among a younger generation is being birthed. The fussion of R&B to Afrobeat worked well into his own composition points to much more of this coming from both Ayo and other young artist.

But the most unmistakable re-awakening is that of the Waka queen Adetoun. Who until MTN PF had never done neither considered herself a waka performer. Her outstanding performances revealed the void in this uniquely Nigerian genre of music. After Salawa Abeni, no one has taken up the mantle of a culturally unique aspect of Nigerian music. Adetoun’s expressiveness gives hope to a re-birth among a younger generation capable of re-invigorating this active art form.

If MTN PF 5 does nothing more that create Afro-R&B and re-awaken an interest in Waka as a music form it would be leaving a lasting national and cultural legacy.

It is to MTN’s credit for creating such a holistic program with roots into the very fabric of Nigerian music. This is one program that they have gotten so right and we look forward to this generation creating music that will live for generations to come.



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