Parents Of Murdered UNIPORT Students Speak Out; Petition Senate

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The fathers of Lloyd Michael & Chiadika Biringa, two of the UNIPORT students murdered in Aluu granted an interview to the BBC, speaking about how they felt about the whole issue.

Mr. Michael expressed his shock and disappointment at the killings. He said “I never thought this sort of thing could happen in my country in the 21st century. This is barbaric”. He hoped this situation woud never repeat itself again, saying if government took the right steps, “what happened to my son will never happen again.”

Mr. Biringa on his own part, said “I’ve never seen such level of callousness… It brings about anger, and that anger is now with me until justice is done on the matter.” His wife, Mrs Chinwe Biringa wrote a petition to Senate president David Mark, asking him to clear her child’s name and bring the killers to justice.



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