New Video: ShaiTank – Mubeje Remix

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With scarcely anything left to prove to his northern fans as to the veracity and versatility of his talent, North- based Afro pop star ,Abdullahi Suleiman Jimoh, aka SHAITANK A.K.A ABAJE FADA , has moved down to Lagos to try his luck in the industry. The smooth-talking rapper- singer- songwriter says, “I decided to relocate to Lagos, the center of excellence, where the music business is really happening, where the drum sounds loudest. He said, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I have found the formula for mainstream staying power.

ShaiTANK first caught the attention of music lovers back in the north when he released his first single titled Mubaje (lets flex), which was a hit then and even spewed an animated video Alaba pirate because of the anonymity of the artist. The single earn him a lot of attention and patronage from big brands that include MTN , which made him a headline act at its (music by us and for us) along ALAN WAKA,BUZU, FATI NIGER, ZULE ZOO.

Mubaje Remix song is a dance track, video’s story line has a traditional feel based on the costumes, the theme is hilarious, sexy and it demonstrates love. One of the major attraction in the video is one where the dwarf prove his ability to add fun and drama to the video, which prove that your disability don’t limit what you can achieve in life.   





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