New Video: J.Appiah – Sweet Mother

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Born and raised in Hackney, J – Jesse to his mum – is a true East Londoner at heart. His musical journey started at the age of 8 when he asked his mother for a guitar.  She then enrolled him and his siblings into a music school to attend at weekends, so that they would learn instruments to perform at their church. J learned a multitude of instruments, including the drums and keys, but the guitar became his favourite.  To describe his sound, you can not just limit it to his smooth and easy voice, but also the way in which his songs are written, and the production itself.  The best way to define it would be “soulful music that tells a personal story.”

His musical tastes are as varied as they come; albums by Lynden David Hall, The Beatles, Seal, Bob Dylan, The Script and Taio Cruz can be found in his record collection.
The first official release is an acoustic, gentle and soulful version of the classic African anthem, “Sweet Mother”, performed in a way that has never been heard before, and accompanied by a simple yet slick video.

The rest of 2012 into 2013 will be busy, as J is planning to have more of his songs published, release more music as an artist (like the songs “Born To Fly” and “I Ain’t Rich”) as well as writing for others and touring with his own material.

Everyone is familiar with the famous slogan “Just Do It” right?  Well this is a saying that singer/songwriter J. Appiah greatly believes in.  Music is something he’s always wanted to do, so he just did it



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