MTN Project Fame Gossipmonger (Closing Gala)

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As you might guess, I wore the best dress in my wardrobe for MTN Project Fame closing gala. I did this for two reasons: prince charming to be (hopefully) would see me and gawk. Secondly, since the who is who in Nigeria will be there I might as well put my best “Cinderella” foot forward.

So later, I found my way to the Lekki Studio for the finale. And I was amazed at the heavy crowd I saw. Lemme confess: Nigerians sabi dress sha and errrm some people need styling lessons (good thing Joan Rivers is not a Nigerian).

The excited crowd as well as myself were entertained with tasty finger foods (or you don’t know what that is?) and chilled chapman. Shortly after, with what seemed like a roll call, we were all summoned inside. The show was about to start.

As I stepped into the studio, my heart beat accelerated in unimaginable speed. Was I nervous or was I afraid prince charming to-be might not win? Guess all of the above is the answer to that. The show started with Adora and Joseph looking like a couple ready to
walk down the aisle, the studio and crew members set. Then Chidinma welcomed us. Styl Plus made us dance (I particularly couldn’t sit until they stopped singing).

Mr Flavour nko? That was the point when the whole crowd went gaga. Yes. All. No exception. Including MTN officials. The judges. And the Faculty. After that the remaining 7 contestants came out in their finest,( I could only imagine what was going through their head…. Meennn! I no wan dey in their shoes at that time).

Expectedly, they looked beautiful. Their styling as usual was on point. I liked the Liberian Princess’ (Musulyn) costume best. So they performed their own songs. One thing is for sure. Most of the songs will become hits as soon as they hit the airwaves. Is a lie? (Wait nau, you’ll see it’s a true).

Then came the moment we all waited for. They announced the contestants with the least votes; sadly Oyinkansade was the first to go, followed by Musulyn, then Christian respectively. At this point, I heaved a sigh of relief and said in my heart”even if my contestant doesn’t win, I’m certain he would go home with…”

Just then Adora’s voice interrupted my thoughts “3rd runner up is Ella. Second runner up is Adetoun”. The crowd cheered and made some indescribable giggling sounds. I looked up with trembling hands “Lord pls. at this point, let him win “. See me see prayer that night ehn?

When I could no longer take the tension anymore, I closed my eyes and covered my ear drums ( oh yes, my hands went that far into my eager ears), I was scared for him. A minute later I opened my eyes and there he was on the stage literally rolling.

He won. He won. I jumped and screamed . I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now I know a lot of you guys think my crush was Marvellous. Well, I’ll have to disappoint you. My darling contestant was Ayobami and guess what? HE WON. (Yes. I voted like that, wink wink. giggles).

The sad thing though was, I tried to get close to him after the announcements but the bouncers wouldn’t let me. Plus, all the girls in
the studio were drooling all around him all of a sudden. “Ahh, chicken heads and groupies, leave my heartthrob alone oooo“!!! I made attempts but I couldn’t get past the crowd. You know, he’s not just a contestant anymore; he’s now a star, N2.5 million richer and a Rav 4 owner. Dunno if this is a blessing to me or not.

Anyways, he looked over-joyed and I was more than happy to see him. We didn’t talk that night, maybe we will in future, but he was my crush and I still like him. *blush blush, wink, wink..giggles*.



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