K-Solo’s Wife Gives Him The Boot – “This Child Will Never Know You”

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Kikelomo Oyeniyi, wife of music producer K-Solo, put to bed yesterday. Hours after delivery, a text message allegedly sent by Kike to K-Solo asking the producer to stay away from her and her baby has surfaced.

The text message, gotten from Nigerianfilms.com, reads, “”Sorry we neva ad any baby together. Moreover, am sure Bimbo shud b able to giv u d one she was unable to giv u for 7yrs. And less i forget, ur eyes and dat of ur family wud not behold nor carry my child cuz u already denied d pregnancy. Ds pregnancy does not know Oyeniyi family and can neva be an Oyeniyi member. God forbid ! So go bak and tell ur people. If u know wat is gud for u, stay off me, my baby and my family. I regret knowin u and ur family and i cause d day i met u. Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

According to the source who provided the message, K-Solo also had no idea where she gave birth as she had moved out of the matrimonial home.

This isn’t the first time the couple have had issues, and we hope they are able to sort everything out.



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