Jim Iyke Has An 11-Year Old Son – And He Never Knew!

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Nollywood star Jim Iyke just recently discovered that he has a son, a result from an 11-year old romance.

Encomium magazine reports that Jim Iyke had a relationship with the child’s mother, Chantelle Nkechi Benson, a UK-based barrister who was a University undergraduate then. After discovering she was pregnant, she left the country to the United Kingdom without informing the actor of her condition.

Jim Iyke was recently brought up to speed by a cousin, who apparenetly knew about the whole affair but had kept mum all this while. He gave Jim Iyke Chantelle’s number, and the actor has spoken to his son, whose name is Mario Ikechukwu.

Jim Iyke has not met him face-to-face, and though said to be “in shock”, is still eager to meet his son.



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