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Cry me a river
Buy me a sweetner
Fry me a cracker
But don’t ask me nothing

Get me a driver
Bet me a fiver
Fetch me a quarter
But don’t ask me nothing

You tell me you’ll help
You tell me not to fret
You tell me my worries forget
Stow them on a jet
Yet you ask for my sex
I don’t get

Romeo didn’t ask for nothing
Solomon didn’t ask for nothing
They gave freely
You said you’ll do same for me

But that’s not what I see

“Its business my dear”
“Its the way its done”
“Be a grown up, girl”
“Nothing is free”

I don’t know what we have turned into, but I know we can get back to the way life should be. Where we don’t have mugu and Maga in mind. Where quality help can go both ways without anyone taking advantage of another. I believe in love, life and the good things of life. Do you?

June Ebube

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