Flight 606 …Part8

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The trip from the airport to the hotel took less than an hour. I wanted to sit next to Femi so that we could continue our conversation, but I was firmly sandwiched between Erica and Justin in the limo. We were staying in penthouse suites at the W.

After a quick shower and dinner, we all gathered on the dinning table in the suite to go over the debriefing tomorrow. This was the first time I was seeing everyone dressed down in casual wear – except Femi of course. My mind drifted momentarily to our first meeting.

Since I didn’t know what to expect, I had taken clues from Erica‘s dressing. We were the only two females on the trip, so naturally we were room-mates. Erica had gone for a nice casual gown that stopped midway between her knees and feet. I decided to go with my long flowing strapless teal tunic. I felt a little exposed, so I accentuated with a necklace so my chest wasn’t totally bare.

This was my first time seeing Femi in full legal action. Now I could appreciate how he’d managed to build a practice of this reputation in such a short time. His managerial skills were phenomenal and suddenly he was ten times more attractive in my sight. Yes, I’m sapiosexual like that.

The debriefing went quite well. I’ll admit that I felt so because Erica and Femi did most of the talking. I was relegated to the task of taking notes, but hey! I wasn’t complaining.

When we were done, Akin, always the ever bubbly partner (in crime) decided that we should go celebrate. We decided to get a private poker room downstairs. (I say we, but it was really the guys’ idea), I would have passed – but Justin insisted, and of course it provided me with an opportunity to study Femi more. So I found myself downstairs, being given a crash course in strip poker.

We played 7 games and the scene around the room changed. Femi had lost his tie and jacket, Erica being the shrewd business woman that she was had only lost her jacket. Justin was missing his tie, jacket, shirt, and shoes. Perhaps the most unclothed one of us was the novice – Oyinade Zamunda. I felt exposed as I sat there in my skirt, pantyhose and camisole. I glanced at the cards I held. Things weren’t looking good for me either. Sure enough, Akin went all in, i lost, And my camisole was gone.

I sat there trying to look as dignified as I could in my lacy red Victoria secret push-up bra. We had agreed on ten games only. I was mentally calculating what item of clothing I could afford to lose.

Then Femi folded.

He lost …losing his shirt, and saving me the humiliation of taking my skirt off.

Akin looked disappointed. Femi looked relieved. Which was weird as I started having my own suspicions…



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  1. Ok… Officially now, episode 9is well ova due… I hope it dosn’t mean an end 2 series cos I did hate 2 b disappointed a second time…
    1st it’s Koye Gbeye leavin a story half finished & now?????
    Abeg Nooooooo!

    1. Nope. No official end in sight. The gods forbid that you be disappointed. flight 606 will not end until there is a logical conclusion. Lol

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