Audio: Timi Kay ft Big L & Tipsy – Heart of the City #Aluu4

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2 of the four University of Port Harcourt students who were brutally beaten and burnt to death by the people of the Aluu Community in PH on Friday, October 5, 2012, left us a musical treasure to always remind us of how these 4 promising young men lives were cut short even before their prime.

The song is called “Heart of The City” and was done by Timi Kay featuring  Lloyd (Big L) and Ugonna (Tipsy)

I can’t help but feel so so sad about how one’s fellow citizens won’t have remorse for lives created by God. The song’s lyrics strike a chord deep in my heart.

In loving memory of  Lloyd, Ugonna, Chidiaka & Tekena. RIP.

#update: Heard they had a mixtape brewing before their lives were cut short. Be on the look-out.


  Timi Kay ft Big L & Tipsy - Heart of the City (4.3 MiB, 5,060 hits)



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    This is no nursery rhyme
    It happened in our clime
    Civilisation held no ground
    Justice couldn’t be found

    Four young men,ambitious
    Like you and I, but curious,
    They went in search of bread
    Where even angels fear to thread!

    From errors who is free
    I am sure neither you nor me
    So who cast the first stone
    Destroying their flesh and bone?

    How can a nation move farward
    With much innocent blood?
    How can we seek peace
    When we lack justice?

    You are gone brothers
    Let this be a lesson to others
    Our struggles mustn’t go inertia
    Aluta Continua,victoria acerta!

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