360SUBMISSION: My Nigerian GF (A Must Read)

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My Nigerian GF

My name is Henry and this is the story of my Nigerian Girlfriend…

I’m one of those lucky kids that were born with a silver spoon. My mum, a Ghanaian, died when I was very young leaving me with my father and two sisters. My dad never had my time so, as soon as my secondary education was done, he sent me to London to further my studies and later on do my second degree there.

During my college days, I was known as the cute Nigerian guy and I always had my way with girls. Sex wasn’t a big deal to me because I could have any girl I desired – white, black-Americans, Asian, Jamaican, Ghanaian and even Lebanese –  and I’m tall, well-built and also good looking (at least that’s the way the ladies describe me).

After my masters, I got a job immediately at an insurance company. I was really lucky because I was well paid and it was rare for Nigerians living abroad to be offered that kind of job opportunity. One thing I never did was date a Nigerian girl, my orientation about them being that they only go after guys for their money and nothing else. I always tried my possible best to stay away from them romantically, and only having some of them as friends.

Everything changed when I joined the social network Twitter. Within a month or two, I gained over 450 friends. One day, I was bored so I decided to tweet my phone number saying: “bored, who’s up 4 a long conversation…dial 07985436***”. Suddenly my phone rang and I picked, it was actually a girl and she said her name was Jumoke. We talked for a while and after then she kept calling me almost every day.  She told me she lives in Lagos, Lekki to be precise, we exchanged BB pins, and our friendship got more intense.

She told me almost everything and was always honest with me. She said she was a 300L student studying law at University of Lagos. We kept going on and on like that for months and finally we both decided to take it to the next level. She kept asking me when I was coming to Nigeria and all but I just kept saying very soon. I started sending her money (600 pounds) every month and once in a while I sent above that. When a friend of mine was going to Nigeria, I bought her an IPhone 4 and Blackberry Bold 5, and a lot of expensive clothes, bags and shoes, giving him to help me deliver to her.

One day she called me and told me she wanted us to get married and settle here in Nigeria. So she advised me to buy a land and start building our house because it would be more advantageous to us when we get married. I really liked the idea because I was crazily in love with Jumoke and was ready to marry her. I told her to find a land at one of the best and comfortable areas in Lagos. After two days Jumoke called me and said to get a good land at Ajah it will cost me 35 million but if I want a built house already it will cost me 45 million. So I decided to go with the already built house. I sent her the money (which was all my savings) and she gave me an agent’s number to speak with, he assured me that everything was okay and she even sent me pictures of the house. I really liked it and was ready to relocate to Nigeria as soon as possible.

Immediately, I resigned from my work and started preparing to come home and get married. A week later I called her and a guy picked the phone, he was like “how far our maga?” I was very confused and told him I wanted to speak to Jumoke but he just kept laughing and then cut the phone. I immediately went on Twitter and tweeted “meaning of maga please” and someone retweeted saying “someone that has been scammed” that moment my heart started beating fast. I took two shots of whisky to calm myself but I was still disturbed. I went to her Twitter page and her last tweet was “God loves me and has surprised me by blessing me more than I asked…new life ahead, Canada loading…” I called her number again and it told me the number doesn’t exist, I went back to her twitter page in order to send her a DM and to my surprise I couldn’t find the account anymore. I then decided to call the agent to know if my house is still in check but it told me the same thing – number doesn’t exist.

We were in a relationship for almost year and I was madly in love with her, I never thought she was capable of doing such. The following day, I received a message on Facebook from a strange account (no profile picture, no friends and no info) saying “Thank you very much Henry, I really appreciate your kind donation. The lord will multiply that which has been taken from you. Your dream wife Jumoke XoXo”

After reading it, I broke down in tears.

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  1. ROTFLMAO!!!! @ God loves me and has surprised me by blessing me more than I asked……mugus like this can’t possibly exist in real life.

  2. This can’t be real. How will u give sum1 u’ve never seen ur lifes’ savings? That’s the height of stupididty and recklessness! Love ko, loff ni

  3. Bros. u have to take heart, find the will within you to be strong, restore your faith and move on. Imagine if you had arrived back in naija, trailed from MMA n bruk up by assassins. I was just like you though my loss was far less than yours. I rebuilt my life and engineered my heart so that i listen to my head more and never to ignore my intuitions.

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