ZEN MAGAZINE AFRICA: The Irresistible and Charming Lisette Mibo From Congo (September 2012)

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Its that time of the month again were one of our favourite online lifestyle magazines ZEN MAGAZINE AFRICA shares with us the first look of its cover as well as what to expect all through the month from its virtual desk.  Enjoy! 

Editor’s Note: As Editor of ZEN, one of the most common questions people always ask me is “How do we choose models or celebrities or people for our cover?” The truth is it’s all about the inspirational message the cover star sends out to our readers and this month’s cover girl has an inspiring story to share.

On the cover this month is a beautiful African fashion model, human rights campaigner and mother. She is young, fierce, versatile and passionate about modelling. Born and raised in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lisette Mibo is one of the most beautiful models from the DRC and is also an ambassador for Save the Congo (a foundation that raises awareness on the human tragedy overwhelming the Congo).

Lisette shares with us her story as a fashion model based in the United Kingdom, her role as a mother to her daughter and her humanitarian work to her people ‘A truly moving and inspiring story that will get you thinking’.  

Also in this issue, we will bring to you the 6 funky looks your wardrobe is dying to have (I have to add that the photographer Le’Ticia Fisher is truly amazing), we find out who our designer of the month is, we share with you our great chat with music artist, producer and former Big Brother Africa contestant Zeus from Botswana, architectural brilliance and style from North Africa’s best resorts and our take on the best Artwork to buy at the Joburg Art Fair in South Africa this month.

We are happy to share all these fabulous stories with you this month and we implore you to read, comment and share! Have a great month.

Arinze Nwokolo

Zen Magazine Africa

Photography by V Valentino
MUA: AbizArt 
Stylist and head wraps: Kiyana Wraps
Assistant Stylist: Ty Ty Tyeisha
African Accessories: Bibish Mbemba

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