Will.I.Am Pushes Back Release Of 4th Album, “Willpower”.

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Will.i.am is recording new tracks for his upcoming solo album ‘Willpower’ after tracks were leaked online, resulting in him pushing back the release of the LP.

The Black Eyed Peas singer was so angry tracks from solo album ‘#willpower’ leaked, he is writing new ones to replace them.

This means the release date has been delayed from the original September 24, so he can go back into the studio.

Urging fans to help him find the culprit who shared the songs, he tweeted: “I’m trying to finish #willpower…& now because of all the leaks I have push the album back to make new songs…I will give you updates soon (sic)

“If you know anyone that knows the people responsible #stopthem (sic)”

The tracks were leaked shortly after the singer’s car was stolen last month during a launch party for the album. An anonymous man later claimed to have stolen the car and posted a video online threatening to leak the album.

In the video the anonymous man rummages through a bag, saying: “Now what’s inside, let’s take a peak, gadgets, gadgets, songs to leak. I’ll leak them here, I’ll leak them there – I will leak them everywhere.”

‘#willpower’ is expected to include collaborations with Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Nicole Scherzinger and Britney Spears.

The third single from the album – Will.i.am’s fourth solo record – ‘This Is Love’ reached number one in the UK charts in July. A new release date for ‘#willpower’ has not yet been set



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