Wellbeing Foundation Africa Supports Peace One Day Global Truce 2012 Campaign through Elimination of Domestic Violence Advocacy Effort

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In support of Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2012 ‘Reducing Domestic Violence’ Campaign and in celebration of Peace Day taking place on the 21st of September, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa is creating awareness of the human and emotional cost of domestic violence by launching a short Eliminate Domestic Violence documentary which voices the experiences of gender-based violence victims. Given that over 50% of Nigerian women are abused by their husbands, this video represents a call for the complete eradication of gender-based violence and a milestone in the campaign to amplify public awareness of domestic violence and empower victims to voice their experiences without reproach.

During the March 21st 2012 press launch of the Global Truce 2012 Campaign, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa Founder-President H.E Mrs. Toyin Saraki addressed both the problem of gender-based violence and its potential solutions. In keeping with its pledge to mobilize networks in support of Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2012, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa has implemented various initiatives including the Peace Summit in Ilorin which promoted harmony, tolerance and conflict resolution through dialogue; the Walk Against Rape in Lagos which encouraged rape victims to speak out; and the Peace Prayer Outreach in Kwara State which enriched the lives of those in need and advocated for understanding between religions. These efforts all served to promote peace, non-violence and solidarity within Nigeria and more importantly advanced the vision of Peace One Day.

In support of the “Reducing Domestic Violence” Coalition for Peace One Day, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, in partnership with local agencies such as Project Alert Nigeria which helped give voices to victims, has filmed a poignant video documenting the personal stories of Katherine Obiang, ‘Jane,’ Hadiza Zaaki-Azzay and Abimbola; and the impact of domestic violence on their lives.  Created to raise awareness of the implications of gender-based violence and to encourage victims to speak out, a recurring theme that resonated from the brave women who shared their experience was the fact that domestic violence builds up gradually starting small and ending with grievous physical assault which often results in miscarriages in pregnant women.

Describing domestic violence as the “secret sin,” Wellbeing Foundation Africa Founder-President Mrs. Toyin Saraki reiterates that issues of domestic violence occur in many families and communities around the world when individuals are not allowed to live in peace with respect and dignity. Urging those suffering from domestic violence to engage organizations and individuals that can encourage victims to overcome abusive relationships, the Executive Director of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Mr. Temitayo Erogbogbo, stressed that those abused should never suffer in silence.

A leading frontline maternal newborn and child health (MNCH) empowerment organization, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa remains dedicated to its steadfast stance against gender-based violence and actively advocates for the complete elimination of this problem through its 24-7-365 Advocacy and Action social media campaign. Follow these links to view the foundation’s Eliminate Domestic Violence video in support of Peace One Day’s “Reducing Domestic Violence” Coalition: WBFA EDV Advocacy Video (Long)               WBFA EDV Advocacy Video (Short)

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