Video: Laylow, Phyno, Yung6ix, Seriki, Buckwylla & Jesse Jagz In The Studio Recording “What it Do”

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Here is the video to the studio recording session of “What It Do” by LayLow. The video features LayLow, Phyno, Yung6ix, Seriki, Buckwylla and Jesse Jagz in the studio making the single. Shouts out to Loose Kaynon for coming through.

Watch Out for the official video of “What It Do” by LayLow feat. Buckwylla, SosSick, Phyno, Yung6ix, Seriki, Phenom, Olamide, Liu T & Jesse Jagz. [audio:]

  LayLow - What It Do Feat. Buckwylla, SosSick, Phyno,Yung6ix, Seriki, Phenom, Olamide, Liu T & Jesse Jagz. (4.5 MiB, 11,603 hits)




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