THE ONE-ON-ONES: Bez (Episode 1,Season 2 Premiere)

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Good morning folks!

The One-on-Ones are back! And to open this super second season, I bring no other than the super-sun himself, Bez!


Wana: Good evening, Bez.
Bez: Good Evening, how’s it going?

Wana: It’s going by air. 😀 How’s your end?
Bez: Hahaha… By Air? Never heard that…
Mehn, my generator just refused to come on oh, right now I’m on inverter, once it goes.. Well… Hopefully light comes back. Just came back from the gym, and can’t be bothered to check on the generator… How’s that for the evening?

Wana: Hahahaha… NEPA no even send say you be celebrity 🙁
Bez: Hahaha… I’m sure Bishop Oyedepo sef is using generator as we speak, Standard.

Wana: Loooooool… E go better oh.So Bez, what’s your full name?
Bez: Emmanuel Bez Idakula… I shortened Bezhiwa to Bez… Bezhiwa means first man in the land.

Wana: First man in the land? Which land be that?
Bez: Well, I’m the first boy in my Family…
And I’m from Karu, in Nasarawa State, so it may also be that land.

Wana: First boy eh? How many siblings?
Bez: I have 3 siblings. 2 sisters before me, one brother after me… You may have heard of Lydia, creator of Taruwa…  Well, that’s one of them.

Wana: Ah… Family of celebrities.
Bez: Hahahaha… Well if you say so…
And actually, my dad played the guitar and sang, with my mum as his duet babe. It was massive cool, and they would even record themselves! LOOOL… I actually think he bullied her small into doing that… But he later taught me how to play, he’s late now, God bless his soul.

Wana: Where did you spend your childhood years?
Bez: This was all in Jos by the way, where we all grew up as kids. 

Wana: What’s your worst childhood memory?
Bez: Kai, my childhood was pretty fresh oh… I think it would be when I lost my dad, and that would be when I was like 12 oh, so I don’t know if that counts as childhood…

Wana: Ah… May he continue resting in peace.
Bez: Amen… By the way, I just got put in Twitter jail, kai 🙁

Wana: Twitter jail? Buhahahahahahahaha! Are you a Twitter addict?
Bez: Lol… No, not really… I was just trying to let people know that my album, Super Sun can now be purchased on the streets oh… I guess I over did it, but I’m back on in 15 minutes, hehe 😀

Wana: Loooooool… Twitter jail can’t knock the hustle! Why is music the hustle though?
Bez: Never! Well, I grew up around music, and performing and all of that… It wasn’t long before it became second nature, a great hobby, and just something I loved. I played in school, at home, everywhere I had a guitar with me. Eventually it grew from a hobby to a purpose, and I realised I was created to do this.

Wana: You were definitely made to make good music… ‘Cause you do it so well!
Bez: Ah thank you baba… But it’s more than just me.

Wana: What else is there?
Bez: It’s God for inspiration and direction, and leading me to people like Cobhams my producer, and other friends who have added to the music in different ways… You can never do it alone oh.

Wana: True words… Have you ever delved into other parts of the entertainment industry though? Comedy? Acting?
Bez: Haha, comedy ke?

Wana: Loooool. Na hard thing?
Bez: At all oh… Not even acting, although I did one waka pass role like this in some play ages ago in Lagos… I just stood there with a Silent Guitar, and voiceless too… I think I earned like 15k or so, that helped a great deal. LOL

Wana: Buhahahahahahaha! It counts as acting though.
Bez: Lol, well I acted then.

Wana: What genre of music do you classify your music under?
Bez: I call it alternative soul… They’ll now say ” which one be dis again”? It’s just a mixture of different genres of music, with soul being the back bone. I’ve always loved an eclectic mix, that way you don’t sound like the NEXT person.

Wana: Hahahaha… True…
Bez: Yes na

Wana: In the Nigerian music Industry now, who do you think is the best in the genre of Alternative Soul?
Bez: When you say “Best” what do you mean?

Wana: The most talented noni.
Bez: We’re not plenty oh

Wana: You’re not plenty? You’re the only. You’re the Bezhiwa of Alternative Soul in Nigeria nah. First in the genre 😀
Bez: I think I’m the only one who does this sef… Me and Asa maybe.. And other people I may not know of… Ohh… Isebiama, D’Tone, some bad bad guys are still coming sha. Asa was there before me though.
Music is art, you can hardly judge the best.
One may have a better voice, but lacks in writing and composition. Someone else may compose well, but may be not sing so well, another may be a god in his instrument and sing well but may not be a good writer, so it’s hard to judge. Sho get eh?

Wana: Looooool… I do… You’d be a good judge in a music competition.
Bez: LOL! Employ me Project Fame!!!!

Wana: When’s your birthday?
Bez: Nov 10th… Not so far away…

Wana: Hahahaha… 2 months time 😀 Party go dey?
Bez: Omo, paarty is till next year oh… I’m not a popping champagne kinda guy but NEXT year, champagne must flow! Huge Bash oh!

Wana: No wahala… We go wait :D… What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received?
Bez: Hmmmm… I would say an iPod, my first ever. I really wanted one, and I needed soooo much music. When I got it, it was amazing.

Wana: Who gave it to you?
Bez: Wetin consign you? Na the kweshion be dat?

Wana: Looooooooool. Na woman abi? What’s your relationship status, Uncle Bez?
Bez: Uncle Bez is unmarried 🙁 I hear say 360Nobs wan start dating site sef. LOOL

Wana: Loooool. You want to participate? It can be arranged oh.
Bez: Ahhh, it wont be a fair game.

Wana: But Uncle Bez has girlfriend shey?
Bez: I have a mystery girl… If you see her ehn? Chai! Your head go scatter! Everything you desire, she get am!

Wana: Hahahahahaha. Wash!!!
Bez: Complete babe!!! I’m serious oh! See this guy!

Wana: Hmmmm. We go see am one day.
Bez: But of course… She doesn’t even need to use make up. Agbani Darego dey call am taya to learn catwalking skills! Forget!

Wana: Buhahahahahahahaha!!! Bez haff kill me oh!
Bez: Hmmm… Seeing is whaaaaat? Beeleeveen!

Wana: Hahahaaha. Can’t wait to see this mystery girl oh… Oya let’s round this up…
I’ll give you some options, and you’ll choose one. Strictly your opinion. Cool?
Bez: Aii

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Bez: Dodo

Wana: Ah! :'( #TeamMoinMoin
Bez: Loooooool!

Wana: Wizkid or Davido?
Bez: Wizkid. They’re both correct sha.

Wana: Aii Bez… Thanks for the interview. ‘Twas awesome chatting with you. Thanks for having me Here
Bez: Peace!!
We’re back people! Hope you enjoyed the première! See you next week!
Mayowa “Wana” George
+234 809 154 7312



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