September 22 to bring something special to all you special ladies out there #whatdogirlzwant

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Where all the ladies at?

We’ve got something special for them all thanks to Guinness Nigeria Plc come September 22, 2012

Quite a lot of people have been talking about the million dollar question ‘What do girlz want?’. All sort of answers have been pouring in. Here’s a few of them

  1. A trip to Paris
  2. Just to be loved
  3. To be treated as equals
  4. All the money in the world
  5. A man of my dreams
  6. A job that isn’t stressful that can allow for a family and still pay millions 😀
  7. A man who listens and is kind

Now you too can follow up and join the discussion on twitter by using #whatdogirlzwant (Guys you are welcome to to try and guess #whatdogirlzwant too)

There’s a special VIP ticket to the September 22 unveil event to any lady who is the most creative with her comments on the topic #whatdogirlzwant



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