Roscoe Dash Angry He Wasn’t Given Credits For G.O.O.D Music’s Cruel Summer

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Rapper/Songwriter/Producer Roscoe Dash took his issues to Twitter yesterday, taking shots at Kanye West, Wale, Meek Mill & Miguel. Roscoe was angry he wasn’t properly credited for being a songwriter on the Cruel Summer LP, tweeting, “Everybody go get the G.O.O.D album and listen to #1… & then tell me why I’m not on the credits.

Though Roscoe Dash doesn’t specify what his exact contribution to Cruel Summer was, he alludes he did some writing for “To The World” by Kanye West & R. Kelly, and that “if you listen close my adlibs are STILL in the song.”

Roscoe Dash then turned on Wale, claiming he wrote the hook for the MMG man’s number one hit track, “Lotus Flower Bomb”, which singer Miguel recorded. Miguel responded to Dash in an interview with, calling the whole situation, “retarded”.

Meek Mill, who already had a Twitter run-in with Roscoe Dash before during the Rihanna saga, butted into the matter tweeting, “Yo @RoscoeDash you must not be getting any money b! Lol!”. Roscoe responded to this with an instagram picture of Meek Mill apologizing to him after their last showdown.

All it seems Roscoe Dash is after is what is rightly his as he later tweeted, “The most talented people get the least credit for everything, and the crazy part is they do the MOST work!”



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