Rio Ferdinand: There’s Money In Lagos!

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England & Manchester United central defender, Rio Ferdinand has said that there’s a lot of money in the South-Western state of Lagos, Nigeria.

Ferdinand, who said this in an interview with The Observer, said he was struck by the opulence with which Lagosians lived. Ferdinand loves to travel and enjoy different cultures, as he owns a soccer school in Kampala, Uganda, and has visited Nigerian a couple of times, and says the display of wealth in Lagos is amazing.

He said “In Lagos, I was struck by the extremes of wealth… I visited someone who had Plasma TVs hanging from every wall in the house. The opulence was unbelieveable. There’s a lot of money there, I just don’t know if it’s shared the way it should be”.

Someone better tell Uncle Ferdinand that no be so e dey go oh! Money no dey!



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