Popular New York Restaurant Sued For Allowing Celebrities Get High In The Basement

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The Phillipe Restaurant in Midtown, NY, has been sued by 4 employees for allegedly allowing celebrities to smoke weed in some hidden rooms inside the restaurant.

The restaurant is famous for it’s Asian cuisine, and recieves patronage from a host of stars, including people like Rihanna & Woody Allen. The employees did not name which celebrities smoked pot, but noted that Rick Ross & YMCMB first lady Nicki Minaj had dined in the basement before.

The employees claim that while attemding to the needs of these weed-smoking celebrities, they were exposed to “smoke from a harmful and illegal substance.” One employee claimed he was fired after not being able to breathe while working, and that he always went home to his family smelling like pot.

The employees are all seeking for unspecified damages, and an attorney for the restaurant told website TMZ that “the restaurant adamantly denies any allegations that pot smoking or any other smoking is permitted inside the restaurant.”



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