My Radio Life in Lagos

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Coming down to Lagos after many years abroad is quite exciting. I had all the jiggy feeling of a tourist. I’ve heard a couple of scary stories but nothing could deter me from coming back to the town that influenced my initial decisions in life. Lasgidi is home, and it is not as bad as was painted… except the traffic situation. Seriously, three hours in a jam-lock! It’s amazing people don’t go crazy under the hot sun!

But my traffic situation has encouraged a new life. I have discovered Lagos radio stations! Lagos radio is just a whole bucket of issue entirely. But let me take it one by one…

Beat FM: all I can say is Toolz! She’s amazing! One of the few people without a fake accent. Where do they even pick their silly accents from? I’ve been in the UK for close to 12 years, and I don’t sound British. I possibly can’t! And neither does the corporate white dude “shipped” from a small irrelevant company abroad to head Nigeria multi-national sounds Nigerian even after a hundred years! I don’t know the names of many of the presenters on radio but they’ve got some nasty accent going on….and someone hired them as OAPs???

Anyways back to Toolz: fresh, cool, decent in words, humble in presentation, witty, fun. After I complained to friends how traffic might make me go nuts, they told me where I could get a bottle of wine every afternoon – that cold glass of alcohol is Toolz. She’s amazing! I’m not a brand expert so I’m not sure how to sell her to you. But just listen up sometime.

Then there’s Olisa in the mornings. People hate that dude, at least from the stories I hear. You call his name and a long hiiiiissssssss (more like: “kpsheeeeeew!”) follows.  But he’s good stuff, really! You can tell he is not that young…and in no way does his age comes through his presentation. He is a strong character on air. Very funny, very witty, cocky without being a jerk, and really easy for a morning ride. I like him. I’m not sure why everyone hates him though. I don’t think I wanna find out, it’ll spoil my fun.

Then there’s Fade. Gosh! That voice makes me worried. It always seems she has a nasty cold. It’s croaky, not sexy. I’m sorry, but it’s painful to listen to.

Then Top FM. Area mama is fun, cheeky, cool, no pretence, and thankfully no fake accent. I tried catching up with the other presenters on that station but with all the terrible accent…I’m sorry…I can’t…I just can’t!

There’s Rhythm FM. Toke has many issues; many I’m-fabulous-and-there’s-nothing-you-can-do-about-it issues that she should leave at home. I don’t like her show at all, and she needs to grow a butt.

Then City Fm. I got knowledge of the station on twitter. So I checked it out. In one word – forgettable! Nobody stands out. No strong character, too many brcffmazvzXHHQSKLJXSQ crap (if you can’t make sense of that, that is exactly how I can’t make sense of them). This minute you think one presenter will stay in your head, the next minute you’re facing an identity crisis trying to remember who was the last person you listened to and who wasn’t. No authenticity. The afternoon shows are poor and the night show is just a laugh. I think they have this club hour at night (Beat FM runs too many commercials at that time so I move to other stations quickly).

That was how I discovered their club night show with one big mama and her co-host. Literally, it’s like a rowdy club with different voices. Too many voices saying stuff that the listener doesn’t understand. Too many ideas cramped into one very poorly presented show. You can tell it’s just an inner-clique rendezvous. They need to get a bedroom! The host (I’m sorry I can’t remember his name) is like a headmaster – at least his presentation style. He bullies, he scolds, and then for the rest of the time he can’t remember the names and events he is supposed to be talking about…then his big mama reminds him, and then he continues (they are lovers, it is obvious!)

I can’t forget this phrase though, the host says it all the time: “if you are not intelligent you can’t be on my show” and then he goes ahead and invites the stupidest people! It irritated me so much one night I started to cry – traffic is bad already, why do this to me?

I’m going to explore Cool FM (heard a lot about Freeze and Mannie), and wazobia and NaijaFM… I’ll let you know my thoughts. Hopefully it’ll be good. Thanks for the space. Now back to traffic!


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  1. you’re still yet to listen to cool fm? you been missing out(can’t really speak for the other sister stations) buh u shud listen to the road show 3-8 pm(can’t imagine you’ll be in traffic for that long) and listen out for “UNDER PRESSURE”!!!

  2. This is funny, it’s true that the good stations in Lagos are few & far between… even moreso when you travel to smaller cities. I can recall flipping through the dial and listening to very random stations many of which were just poor quality production, bad OAPs. I think perhaps Wazobia & Beat are my favourite… a few of the others every so often can be good as well.

  3. i agree with @cass: this writer is simply biased. I love Beat FM and listen to toolz but the personalities on radio are different and i enjoy listening to Jennifer JLuv’s City Fiesta on city fm. Her djs are good and her presentation style i like. I’m not a big fan of rhythm tho’ but they are not bad i guess.

  4. I also like the hiphop ride show with kayshow and bigma. from the way he speaks kayshow is well read and puhleeees i dont see any sexual tension between the presenters! so where did this writer get the “obviously they are lovers” from? I advice abdul to do his homework before writing. i lived in the States for 5 years and still appreciate Nigerian radio.

  5. @Cass: of course he is angry. he comes back to Nigeria and is always stuck in our famous traffic. didn’t you read the part he says he cried becos of the club host on City FM LOOOOOOL! I feel u bro. I’ve listened to dat show and I agree that it is just crap! that presenter needs to chill and learn how to present without trying to sound like a godfather. He can learn alot from Olisa. Olisa makes jokes at himself. Let’s be real, BeatFM presenters are good. I dont like Gbemi but I agree that Toolz is amazing.

  6. hahahahahaha! Na wa oh! Toke needs to grow a butt. I agree with the writer on City FM though. All the presenters’ contents are similar. You get the feeling that they are presenting to only their friends and family and not the whole Lagos. It’s like a campus station. I dont know the show the writer is talking about but I dont think I’ll be checking it out anytime soon. I no wan cry!

  7. Nice one grandma, from the way you wrote abt other presenters in general but centered on kshow from city fm (don’t pretend 2 hv forgotten his name,that antic’s been redundant since primary skul, ask ur kids)it is really obvious that u don’t hv any personal grouse against him.this very forgettable OAp from an equally forgettable station who you coincidentally seem 2 b able 2 remember so much about.and as 4 d sex part, sweetie are u sure dat is the part that irks u so, last I checked,(AND I DO ACTUALLY CHECK) it is homosexualism, and not voyeurism or menage a trois dat are equal to 14 years in the can,so u cld hv askd nicely. oh… And Abdulafool? Kindly drop d name of ur OWn show so I cld get my paper nd pen. We’re not sensitive abt comments here are we? Afterall its just my objective opinion of ur oh-so-very-objective article. Ps as 4 ur not being able to remember who ‘s who at city?Its cald Alzheimers,and u’re in luck coz I know a few home remedies, one of which is using diapers to hold all d spleen u hv 2 vent so more of the resources in ur body can b directed at balancin the deficit in your anti-intelligent brain. You’re welcome dear :* say hi to all ur alter egos 4 me.

  8. Nice one grandma, oops! I’m sorry that the vibes I get after reading your article are those of a biter female,this is in o way meant to slight your manhood. From the way you wrote about other presenters in general but centered on Kshow of City fm (do not pretend not to know his name, that antic’s been redundant since primary school, ask your kids) it is really obvious that you dont have any personal grouse against him; this very forgettable OAP from an equally forgettable station, who you coincidentally seem to be able to remember so much about. And as for the sex part, sweetie are your really sure that is the part that irks you so? Last I checked, (AND I DO REALLY CHECK MY FACTS NOT ADD TO THE SUFFICIENT GARBAGE ON THE NET)it is homosexualism, and not voyeurism or menage a trois that attract 14 years in the slammer, so you really could have asked nicely. Oh.. and Abdulafool? kindly tell me the name of your own show so I can get my paper and pen.We’re not sensitive about about comments here are we? Afterall it is just my objective opinion of your oh-so-objective article.Ps as for your not being able to remember the OAPs at city, its called Alzheimers, and you’re in luck, coz I know a few home remedies, one of which is usin diapers to hold all the spleen u have to vent so more of your body’s resources can be directed towards balancing the deficit in your anti-intelligent brain. You’re welcome dearie, anytime!! Say hi to all your alter egos for me .mmawh!! ttyl.

    1. why so insulting and bitter, you must have personal beef against this it down you don’t need to express your frustration in life here.

  9. I dont intend coming back to this sorry site after this, u are so biased,hip hop ride with kshow is a night show, and am wondering
    What u except from a night show. That’s the most relaxing
    Night show ever. And one of the best. kshow is intelligent, and it takes a dullard like u not to notice. Reading thru its obvious this is just beefing and its kind of personal to me. If kshow messed up some much and u needed to write shit about him, how come u cant remember his name? Pls come clean and let’s really know what this is about. If nigeria is so messed up why are u here. U think u have the solution to all the problems. U are just sick. Never hate on kshow and bigma, ever again.

  10. I think some of u need to check out international blogs. this kind of article happens everyday!!! Why are u guys taking it so personal. people are entitled to their opinion. he just stated his. they yab celebs on international blogs everyday. when u bring a gang up to ‘fight’ it shows the article is really true. everybody just relax. there’s nothing here really to kill urself over *yawn!

  11. it is obvious Abdul is not a professional writer. he just seems very excited to be back in d country and happy to write about certain observations. there’s free press abroad but not in nigeria. people will bite u, attack u and kill u for doing dirt about them so i think he needs to learn that (that’s why we don’t really improve in Nigeria. criticism only means one thing and that is u hate). I think it’s just one man’s opinion, a professional writer will look at different angles to d different oaps. I dont think its personal either. he is just a free spirit. i’m sure the responses will even shock him (especially if he compares it to foreign media that is always so cautic and mean)

  12. So much anger from ‘Abdul’, taking out about three paragraphs for a wack radio station, while the really nice ones just get a line of commendation is baffling. the traffic must be really terrible(daily) and you must have two stereos in your car(one for city fm and one for other radio stations) since you seem to know all about their content. I am an avid listener of Nigerian radio and i must say your opinion is very biased. Kshow, Matse, Bigma, Olisa, OPJ, Westsyde, Oreka(?), Toolz, Jluv, Tosyn, Fade, Toke, Razr, Nnamdi, Gbemi, IK, Yaw, Manny, Jimmy, Chinasia, Freeze, Enigma and Sola Thompson are all doing great jobs for their radio stations and should be commended. As much as you tried to veil your article it came out as intended, ‘an attack on CityFM and Kshow’ (sponsored, vendetta, dunno why though). We love all our OAPs on Nigerian radio and please when do you intend to go back to the UK and listen to ‘quality’ broadcasting? I would gladly sponsor that trip.

  13. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTERESTING READ! Biased? yes! But no OAP shud lose sleep over this, seeing as whoever wrote it is rather insignificant to dem. So long as at d end of each month ur salary is paid then Abdul’s lil write up don’t matter. In street terms, na bintin!

  14. Hmmmm! I listened to that show yesterday and they spent all the time talking about this article. They even called 360nobs an irrelevant blog. CityFM needs to grow up, I doubt if any other radio statiom would take Abdul’s article seriously. It shows a level of maturity to read and walk away. If what he wrote is so dumb then why would u dedicate a whole show about it? If articles could kill, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Kanye West, Kim k would have all died! U guys are having a tiny taste of critique and u all going bald becos of that???

  15. @Yemi, don’t make this about a radio station, Kshow was attacked and he duly responded(i really enjoyed the talented song writer’s verse in response, classic!). Abdul’s criticism was obviously biased and i think he/she has realised this. growing up, my favourite show on radio was the late Levi Ajunoma’s(God bless his soul) ‘Open house party’ and nobody called it loud, rowdy or labelled the host ‘a headmaster’. i think Kshow had a right to respond to the article. Enjoy “the talented songwriter’s”(one of the supposed ‘stupidest people’ on the show) verse in response with Bigma humming in the background.(yeah! i’m a big fan of the hip hop ride)

    ‘I’mma vex and get all physical, don’t let the humming deceive you it’s not a negro spiritual’ ‘some second rate blog try to induct me, i think their reasoning must be faulty’ ‘they’ll regret it when i’m done, cos i’ll make them wish they’ve never been born’ ‘they are not Linda Ikeji,she’s ok, and they don’t have the clad of notjustok’ ‘when i come, i come with no pity, make them know they got hit in the city’ ‘Pervs, junkies, half-baked creeps, trying to catch out the city that never sleeps’ ‘if radio frustrates you listen, take your life savings, buy a television’ ‘at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you had to hate cos we’re still number one’

    1. Loool! It is so obvious the so-called “talented songwriter” posted this. Or are u saying that u were writing it down when he was saying it on air? How many times did he say it so u can get all the words right. I am so sorry for u guys. U think radio business is high school, abi? Don’t mess with Nobz or people associated with him. Dont mess with people he also respects. The guy will deal with u so bad u won’t remember ur own name. Just move on and go and work on ur station so u can atleast be the number one u really claim to be!

  16. Now as an ardent radio listener i can tell you the radio stations that are worth listening too. In my personal order of preference i listen in this order…
    Classic fm 97.3: Original, a mix of the old and new. Newspaper review every morning with Jimi Disu is one of my personal favorite shows. Presenters know their onions. No fake accents, no stolen ideas. VERY informative , entertaining and relaxing. Rating 99.9%
    Smooth fm 98.1: Next best thing to Classic when there is a commercial break. Also entertaining but i am yet to pin down one show that captures the audience and would make you look out for the next episode. rating 85%
    inspiration fm 92.3: hmmmm wanna wanna tries to keep it real on her drive time show. Dan foster lost the plot after he left cool fm(infact a lot of them did loose the plot after Cool Fm)Sunday Morning on Inspiration is the BOMB with pastor TD Jakes. ratings: 65%
    Cool fm 96.9: sadly this station rocked the airwaves some years ago and topped the charts. these days am not so sure. Manny and his angels bore the life outta me driving to work in the morning, am at work for mid-day oasis so i can’t say much but if i go by what i listen to on Saturdays and Sundays its just BLAH!!! whats that skinny guys name N6 presents the show. Then Freeze and Wemimo aka Kaylah GOSH!!!They are the BIGGEST DISASTERS that ever happened to radio. Put together you won’t get a more RUDE, UNCOUTH and UNPROFESSIONAL pair and to think come Sunday Morning Damien Freeze becomes Pastor Freeze.LIKE REALLY?. Joyce is ok.Cool Fm has generally lost the plot and needs to revamp everything.Not every person that has a fake accent is meant to be on radio PLS. Rating:45%
    rhythm fm 93.7: one word NOISE…..except on ThursdayS thanks to Dj’ Humility and his Old school Thursday. Rating: 37%
    beatfm 99.9 (considering yanking this off): With Olisa that’s thumbs down. Gbemi also lost the plot after Cool fm. Rating: 25%

    city Fm????? as my MD would say who is so called?

    1. Great insight Esosa. Thanks for this. I’ll def check out Classic, Inspiration and Smooth on my drive this week. U just killed my zeal for Freeze and Kayla though.Would it also mean that u have a personal grouse with them? LOL!

  17. @Yemi, its funny how City FM should call 360nobs an irrelevant blog after they did a 1hr interview with the owners – Noble and Oye last year. It was thru them i even got to know this ‘irrelevant’ blog

    They truly need to grow up and take criticism like men. The article was sent in by a reader and wasnt even written by 30nobs. It’s good feedback in my opinion.

    I’m sure their daily listenership doesnt even amount to any of the daily visits on 360nobs, bella or linda ikeji and yet they dey open mouth.

    They just keep putting half baked graduates on air who have never travelled in their lives but can speak phonetics better than the Queen mother herself. It’s sad. They all sound like there’s hot yam in their mouths

  18. Woooow!

    What happened to “Freedom of expression”? The bloke made valid observations (his prerogative by the way) and some dullards just have to pin on “Hating”. Priscilla and AbdulNWPFOEPGM;V’F;V], Y’all need to grow up some.

    If you’ve been blessed with grey matter, please use it. This includes accepting criticism, objective and otherwise. You owe that much to your listeners sweethearts.

  19. I am so disappointed in alot of things been said here. I am so disappointed in CityFM. Are you guys jokers???? You can;t take a simple criticism? You guys have given this article and the writer recognition he didnt ask for. If you are in d lime light you will be criticised on a daily basis, if u can’t deal with it then go get an office job! Stop disgracing your station on a website. And with this behaviour, have u not proved what Abdul said that the station is just a clique? Haba! I’m so shocked. so people should never hold a mic talkess of being on air!

  20. i love 360nobs and the fact that they post the truth and feedback from their readers. Its awesome and it embodies the freedom of speech.

    Unlike the reader tho, I am a city fm fan but Kshow is the worst OAP ever, he doesn’t know anything from music to events to celebrities …he just sounds like an empty barrel. Even his come @ 360nobs lyrics r wack wack wack. My grandma can rhyme better than dat….. scratch dat. Eedris can rhyme better than dat

    I think Kshow should become a hype man, now dats a better job dat will suit him since he loves d sound of his loud voice

  21. There is a thriving and very successful industry built on critiquing celebrities in developed countries. People Like Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan have built a system as critiques. In Nigeria, they want us to love the government – whether they deliver or not; they want us to love local television – whether they have content or not; they want us to love Nigeria as a country – whether is meets the expectations of its citizens or not. We were taught when we were kids never to speak up, take whatever you see, don’t complain, God will fight for u. That is why we are a useless country heading nowhere. Someone writes a simple articles and look at all the hate up here! U are fighting a man for having an opinion about your station? Are u daft??? U want war? Can u handle it when it comes? Why dont u take what u can from this and move the fuck on? Why is it killing u so bad that u send friends to come here and fight for u? I am so ashamed to think that adults are involved in this! Na only City FM dem mention????

  22. There’s a whole industry built on criticism in developed countries. People like Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan run “biased” critique businesses surrounding celebrities. But in Nigeria, the goverment is stealing – we are supposed to keep quiet. local television stations have no content – we are not expected to complain. Nigeria as a country cannot meet the expected needs of its citizens – don’t complain just thank God u are alive. That is why Nigeria is a failed state! If you complain about anything, they will come at u with all they’ve got. We were taught while growing up that do not speak, do not argue, do not stand for anything, just be grateful, God will fight ur battle. That is the problem we have in this country. We will never accept any kind of criticism. That is why women die in marriages, and men stay in bad relationships becos u should never complain. Abdul complained and they all wish him dead from CityFM. U have failed urselves.

  23. I have finally read the article people are talking about. So what is wrong with it? I don’t see anything out of place. What is the personal attack there. Did the writer abuse anyone? He stated things he noticed about the stations. It happens to me too when I’m in traffic, I just get mad and put my radio off completely, It’s either there are too many commercials or really bad phonetics.

  24. @Lala very insightful! Let us be sincere to ourselves, a lot of people share Abdul’s sentiments. But like Lala noted, we don’t speak up. In Nigeria, it is better to be mediocre and have many friends, than to strive for excellence and be everyone’s enemy. So we keep our mouths shut! Abdul obviously is yet to understand that mediocrity is fine here, dont complain about it! Live with it. God help us!

    1. I think she missed her period. with a name like “chuwee” the only thing she’ll be good at is sucking on a man’s private. probably an intern at the station doing every dick-head there and was too eager to join in the converstaion and missed all the points. u r lost child, go home! People are angry here. They will crush u. And since ur name is all over the blog now, u know whoever it is u are referring to would have seen it. u know that right? Don’t destroy your yoing life. now go chew at what u are good chewing at, Chuwee!

  25. Ok, this is getting ridiculous and I think we need to chill. My name is Nnamdi and I WORK for City FM. Everyone needs to understand that this is the work of a critic. A critic airs his mind. Every station was talked about but apparently the City fans aren’t happy. I appreciate our listeners’ venting their anger, it means we matter. I must however state that the purpose of this blog is not to personally attack anyone; it is somebody’s opinion, to which he/ she is entitled. I do not think it is fair to abuse the person. You can comment about content, but don’t abuse the blogger and don’t abuse each other.
    To the blogger, the same goes for you. As much as you want to be controversial (and trust me I loooove controversy), it does not mean you should take personal shots at on-air personalities. If you have a problem with style, content or “swagg” fine; but keep it hundred. City FM promotes bloggers, blogging and free expression. Let’s all calm down and enjoy the article for what it really is……….. a damn good read!! To 360 nobs and all the other bloggers Keep up the good work, but keep it hundred. I’m out.

    1. Oh lord! Don’t tell me that CityFM management is responding to a website article. U guys should just close ur shop. This is embarrassing! I’m so ashamed! Jeez!

    2. Nnamdi, read all the comments on here. Do u see any reputable radio presenter or radio outfit trying to flex their muscles on a website? Do u see Toke coming to defend herself that she doesn’t need a butt, do u see Olisa taking swipes at esosa who gave him thumbs down? do u see anyone from any of the station here arguing any point. I know ur type. and u have made a big mistake with all these moves u people are doing. Next time, read and go! The writer did not attack any personalties. he attacked skill and talent. And u have a problem with that??? Who runs dis dumb station sef? And pls dont tell me UR FANS are upset. Which fans? Do u have more fans than Beat or Cool FM. U r deluded. This is annoying!

    3. Chai! Shame don catch me! CITY FM OOOOOOOH!!!! Why nah! You guys just stop. Haba! This thing is really paining u people. why nah! so tay representative is speaking on behalf of the station! U are lucky dis article wasn’t published on Linda ikeji’s blog. U guys would have committed suicide by now with the comments u’d get! WTF! Grow some balls nah! U’all are acting like new cult recruits, exaggerating ur pain and shooting urselves in the foot. Take a fucking chill pill abeg. what the freaking hell!

  26. @ Abdul, good article but Toolz SURELY has a fake accent as well. I think inferiority complex worries most of the owners or managers of these radio stations, and once they get a returnee from some foreign country, and who happens to have only lived there a few years (not born and raised there) and who happens to be spewing Filipino accent, they sign that person on. I mean, cos it obvious it isnt American or British accent with the stress on R where there isnt an R and etc etc. You need to listen to Rythm and Cool FM abuja and the presenters are constantly pronouncing Abuja as “AbujaR”. I’m like, WTF?……. @ Lala, Damilare, Toyin, Jide and Mayowa, you guys are all on point jare. More grease………….

  27. U know the irony of this is: nobody came out looking bad except CITYFM! Abdul is probably having a laugh in traffic at the moment. Yesterday they made him the star of their show (dude, only a few weeks in naija and u are a certified celeb. we must shack! lol!), 360nobs has handled it professionally only CITYFM has been jumping up and down in fright throwing blames everywhere. What is up with that?

  28. Ode ni gbogbo yin te comment after Nnamdi! Its obvious dat u cnt read or understand english. Nnamdi basicly said pple shud chill n dat he likes d article! Now it’s obvious dt there is beef sumwia here. 360nobs, una welldone.

    1. Get ur facts right. cityfm started the beef if there is any. coming here and trying to act like they got somthing to say. u have nothing to say. read and get lost. stop being so delusional. i dont think anyone gives a shit about this. but u guys turned it into something of a big deal so we are helping u turn it into bigger deal. it’s all in ur hands, we are just here to remind u that u do not attend to a simple article as if they raped u from the anus!

  29. First of all the blogger has personal isues with City.Fm, I understand what it means to be a critic but this is not how to go about it. The blogger should have just said the article was for and for those who support the writer in insulting kshow you are just haters because it’s obvious y’all don’t have shit in your heads, freaking nuckle heads filled with cub web. Every presenter has his style and if you trully listen well you will know that kshow is a true maestro at presenting and mr.abdul go seek publicity somwhere else caus it aint working, same thing goes for claire, clarence and bayo. Be wise the blogger expressed his feelings so did kshow on his program y’all should grow up. Ass kissers. 🙂

    1. hahahahahahaha! @Jones: you are late, fool! Party’s over…unless you want us to start all over again (and we can!)…but in the meantime help yourself with the crumbs, the dogs don’t mind, they’ll share.

    2. Jones says we need to “listen well so we know that kshow is a maestro”. U see how dumb ur statement is? If he is so good we don’t have to LISTEN WELL. Even while I am cleaning the cobwebs in ur fucking dumb head and his show is on, with half-attention to it, I should still be captured by his brilliance (which u both lack apparently). Anybody can call themselves any kind of nickname they want, who cares. But if u think u are helping cityfm with this crap statement, u are just digging them further into a sceptic tank. By the way, are u a cleaner there, save ur breath then cos we’ve heard from the management earlier on and its just the same crap.

  30. My complaint is about gbemi olateru olagbegi.wish someone will let her know of this comment.she’s rude,insecure and very obnoxious.I wonder how people cope with her.she opens her mouth and you wonder if she thinks at all.yeah she might be miss independent and all but she sud shut her opinion and give people a chance.being a first born might be worrying her but a careless mouth is a problem.on a show she says way too irrelevant things and does nt listen to others before opening her big mouth.she and toolz talk about peopls and I wonder always if they do have mirrors at home or they just choose to be like that.*whew* I nee d to chill she’s nt worth the stress

  31. this is the same “Chuwee” on the facebook. I have checked ur page. U are too young for this dirt u are playing. Whoever is pushing u to pack his shit will not be there when u’ll be forced to eat that shit! Go and get an education. Read a book. Or just sit at home and watch TV. Somethings are bigger than you. These words u are spewing will choke u if u don”t stop acting like a fool. Feeling like a gangsta bitch, abi? LOL! I am sorry for u.

    1. I am refering to “chuwee Oluwagbemi” on facebook. she is the same person that posted as “Abdulfool’s homie” and “Nothing but love”

  32. this is the same “Chuwee” on the facebook. I have checked ur page. U are too young for this dirt u are playing. Whoever is pushing u to pack his shit will not be there when u’ll be forced to eat that shit! Go and get an education. Read a book. Or just sit at home and watch TV. Somethings are bigger than you. These words u are spewing will choke u if u don”t stop acting like a fool. Feeling like a gangsta bitch, abi? LOL! I am sorry for u!

  33. I’ve known Kshow for a long time and everyone who knows him that long knows he is the most arrogant, irritating, pompous, delusional human being. A “drama queen” in the worst way and suffers a terrible case of insecurity. The only people who can survive around Kshow are guys who will never tell him the truth, and very small small girls with the brain of a cockroach. He wants to be in control, he loves to manipulate your mind even though he comes with no charisma. I can guarantee you that all his “friends” are laughing behind him now but they’ll come to him and tell him what he did was right, instead of facing up to him and correcting his childish acts. Whatever the case maybe I knew something like this will happen sooner or later.

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