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I woke up on Saturday morning enthusiastic with a deep premonition that the day would be a good one especially since I got an invite to watch Project Fame nomination show. I was excited for two reasons; one I’d get to see my contestant in person for the second time*winking*.  Also, I’d know what the feeling really is like to be in the recording studio live (I’ve heard whataaa feeling long enough to want to experience it).

Though my body wanted more sleep my heart couldn’t get past the vibrating tingly feeling of seeing him again (you know, like having butterflies in your tummy). Even though I knew the show was scheduled for 4pm (according to the invites), I knew I could still sleep more but I was just too restless – so much that I stared at my dress for hours (You’re sorry for me abi? I know).

So finally, after endless waiting hours, the time came for me to leave my house. The moment I stepped out of the compound, I realized it was raining. “What?” I said aloud. And it was not just the drizzling kind of rain but the serious one, cats-and-dogs type.

With my invite now soaked, I had to wonder whether the bouncers at the show wouldn’t bounce me. See me see trouble o! This is why I dislike going out in the rain. Chei see my precious invite I got from MTN Loaded NG on Facebook by answering the questions correctly. The things we do for love ehn…for our contestants, I mean.

About an hour later, I hopped out of the rickety taxi that took me to the Lekki studio just in time for the live recording of the show. I was welcomed with the hit song videos of former PF winners like Chidimma, Iyanya and others.  As I watched these videos, it dawned on me how much MTN’s PF show has helped bring beautiful talents to light. Chidimma’s ‘Kedike’ video was obviously produced and directed by the best as the quality was superb.

And before I could say Jack-Robbinson, the contestants rolled out in style.

“Whoa” I said between clenched teeth. Yes, I had seen the contestants in person before…but there was something about their costumes last Saturday. It screamed “Notice me” and believe me every fan present did just that. (I hear say na one husband and wife duo- Jane & Jekwu- dey style the contestants)

The contestants performed a duet…collabo if you like. Some sang so beautifully I had to think they’d been on intensive training with the mama herself “Celine Dion” (Ella, the girl from the WildCard contest was one of such people that whisked me away) while some hardly impressed anyone including myself with their ‘stage drama’ (don’t blame them yet. I’m difficult to please like that).

Ella and Marvelous performing a duet together
Ella and Marvelous performing a duet together

The contestants after the duet performed singles with creative twists. Luckily, my contestant wowed everyone. In that instant, I stood proudly with a placard in my two hands and screamed. On the placard I wrote his name and these words “You’re a star”. I bet he didn’t notice. *sad face*

Another highlight for me was the “feud” between ‘the who is whos’ on the show. I mean the judges and faculty. You needed to have seen the two sides shelling themselves with indirect yet friendly *coughs*. I shook my head and applauded no one in particular. To me that little episode was an icing on the already big enough PF cake.

At the end of the show, the contestants came out again. With some of them doing something close to ‘deaf language sign’ and ‘waka waka’ at the audience in a bid to get us to vote for them. (Laughs).

I applauded with others and just the instant I bent to pick my novel (I don’t leave home without one), I looked up to find him looking at me… like in a-checking-out-kinda way. I was ecstatic and waved sheepishly. He waved back with a wide smile. Definitely made all that rain-waka worth it

So that was my PF highlight for Saturday. Whose performance did you enjoy the most? Whatever you do, don’t forget to keep your favorite person in the house. I’m keeping mine so keep yours



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  1. I am a nigerian but some times i feel there is a kind of partiality in the selection process, does it mean that people from neighbouring countries do not know how to sing any more or they gat no musical talent anymore? We should allow that claim that nigeria is more populated than other west africa countries to lie somewhere and give chance to them cos that is how the MTN project fame is been done.

  2. I like the MTN project fame show very much and it has become my weekend tonic. My only concrn is this; why is it that comments made by the judges on contestants performances are usually countered by the faculty? I would prefer to see both parties do their assessments independently, afterall they both have equal rights in saving candidates on probation. Yeah, the judges should do their professional criticism whist the faculty do the encouragement so it balances out.

  3. am really happy with MTN project fame, i like that gossip is wounderful and is pleasure using mtn line………….MTN every where you go

  4. i so much fell in love with Ayo plz just keep it up l love u so much hard to explain in words Ayo u ar too much becos u are the winner of this competition. Go for ur prize Ayo.u are a star

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