Male Celebrities & Domestic Violence

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A few weeks back, Ruggedman was on twitter sharing his points on how a woman can keep a man. At the end of it all it was just the same old balderdash on how to keep the woman beneath the man. In one of his drivel, he mentioned that if a woman cannot submit she should be ready to be beaten (para-phrased)!

He must have thought himself very virile and heroic to say this. The fact that a celebrity rapper will come out and justify violence in this manner is just pathetic; more pathetic are the people who applauded him for this sham of a list. So in the world where Ruggedman lives, a woman deserve to be hit, whipped and beaten if she doesn’t submit? Ah well, I won’t say I’m surprised, this is Ruggedman we are talking about, abi?

But away from the stupid rant of an average and emotionally insecure rapper, what really made me write this was after I watched the video about Violence supported by the very amiable Toyin Saraki. In that video, we had Frank Edoho’s wife, Catherine; and Zaki Adzay’s wife share their tale of abuse in the hands of their husbands.

It is a shame, a disgrace that in this era we have to deal with men who think that the only way to be a man, be the head and stamp their authority is to lift their hands to hit their women! And to have celebrities directly or indirectly support this act is so sickening!

Frank Edoho is not an average Nigerian man.

He has been on my screen for such a long time, you’d expect he would live an admirable life away from the spotlight. I have been a fan of this dude for years. He is an excellent broadcaster, a gentleman on screen; and to realise that it is all a hoax is just so heart breaking! How can a man with so much going for him reduce himself to the level of an ordinary dog by beating his wife? It is so hard to swallow.

I am ashamed of Frank. And I shall not be watching “who wants to be an animallionaire” anytime soon! Zaki Adzay is another pot of bad soup. A man who punches his pregnant wife, threatening her and even goes on to give her drugs under duress to eliminate their unborn child is a freaking devil.

Evil has never looked this bad! Zaki, you are going to hell. Don’t worry, there’s enough fire to light up your world down there, you wouldn’t be needing your cheap torch light!

So many people believe women ask for these acts to be meted on them. My question is how? How does a woman make a man slap her, hit her, punch her and try to kill her unborn child, how??? Is it when she disagrees with you? Is it when she stands up to defend her own opinion in a matter?

Is it when she decides not to do certain things that society burdens her with? Is it when she wants to be independent and live her life the way any adult deserves to find freedom and expression for themselves??? What, pray tell, would make anyone believe that a woman asks for abuse?

It is amazing how bulky the Bible is, but then hypocritically we narrow on one or two lines that favour our ill-intentions. For example, pastors love Malachi. There’s a verse there that tells them how important tithing is. It is in that same way that evil men love that part of the bible that talks about submission.

But they forget that the Bible is a story and you must have the full picture of God’s report before you can make sense of it. Is it not the same Bible that insists a man should love his wife as Christ loves the church? Do you know how Christ loves the church, do you?
He died for his bride – the church!

Think about that for a minute, you shallow celebrity rapper; and you violent idiots!

How do you submit to a man who will not die for you? How do you offer your whole self to a man who does not love you? And please don’t tell me, “he loves her that is why he beats her”; if you believe that then I can tell you that your spot in hell will be the hottest part ever!

Love sees no sin. Love loves regardless of anything, which is why it conquers evil – Love wins all the time. The job of a man to love is way nobler than the task of a woman to submit; because like a country ruled by a bastard, it is impossible to ask its citizens to submit to the leader.

Can you understand that, you dumb fucks?

At this juncture, I would like to say thank you to Peter of P-square. For what it is worth, he stood up against the act of violence. I am proud of that. Another thing I must state is how incredibly idiotic people can be. On one particular blog where Peter’s tweets were posted, the comments section (as always, a bunch of ignorant, shallow, vile, stupid people) tried to play down what he meant by stating he should marry his baby-mama.

Is that your business??? Is that why we are here???? Is it better to marry and then hit her, OR date her for eternity but respect her? Is Zaky who is legally wedded (but pummelling his wife) better than Peter of P-square who has a baby mama but respects her dignity as a human being?

Why can’t you all think straight for once? Violence must stop. We don’t need some cheap ass rappers telling women how NOT to get hit by a man. Your songs are already a disgrace – booty rappers such as yourself. You wouldn’t understand when they tell you a woman is equal to you.

– Esther

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  1. Well as a Feminine Rights Activist, I’ll say I’m not surprised by the recent surge in celebrity ‘kickboxing in the kitchen’. From Chris Brown to ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, Frank Edoho(surprisingly) to Zaki…and even the ugly Ruggedman who’s equally a fan of the art, the list could be compiled till next millenium!
    A major factor is the influence of the ‘Devil’ through illegal and beyond-control ingestion of chemicals of various ranges in as many names under the sky…Henessy,Marijuana etc
    Another factor (sorry ladies) is what we have kept saying since 2005 when I joined this crusade and that is… Ladies should stop running after ‘made’ dudes and learn to appreciate men with kind hearts and hardworking hands who will in due time be capable of giving them the security they so desire.
    This medium is too limited to expantiate more but I believe any objective reader would have gotten my gist.
    God bless!

  2. My sister, I can tell you categorically that even “poor” dudes use violence on women to express themselves. Arowowlo was a “poor” dude and he killed his wife and cut off her breasts; a man poured a burning stove on his wife two weeks ago, “poor” men beat their wives when they refuse sex (becos the bloody bastard cannot pay for any extra entertainement outside his home). This has nothing to do with wealth it is just about the disposition of a man, his values and beliefs.

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