Flo-Rida: “I’m still at the top”

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Flo Rida insists he is still ‘at the top’ of his game. The American rapper and singer-songwriter has enjoyed success all over the world and collaborated with some of the biggest stars in the music industry. Despite being in the music charts for several years, Flo Rida believes he has a lot more to give.

‘Of course, I feel like I am dreaming,’ he told UK TV show Daybreak when asked if he is still excited by his success. ‘It has been almost six years and I am still at the top of my game. I am always trying to reinvent myself, I am in the studio all the time working hard. It is just inspiring to travel the world and see so many beautiful places. I love my passion and that is music. It’s amazing, so many number one records, it is just a blessing.’

Flo Rida also revealed the best moment of his career so far. The 32-year-old star’s fans mean a great deal to him and he always feels happy when they show him support.

‘I think winning a People’s Choice Award,’ he replied when asked about his career highlight. ‘It is all about the people, you know, it just makes me realise all the sacrifices I have made and all the hard work ‘ my fans have paid attention to it.’

Flo Rida was also quizzed on rumours he is planning to release a workout DVD. The famously buff rapper is eager to share his exercise secrets with others.

‘I am in the gym all the time. I have a boxing trainer now to take on the road with me, your health is very important,’ the Wild Ones star added. ‘Being on stage for over an hour is like a cardio workout in itself, so I wanted fans to get the chance to see what Flo Rida does to get in shape.’



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