Flight 606 …Part6

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I wanted her alright. I’ll admit I was a bit taken aback when she’d requested not to work with me. O well, I couldn’t blame her considering the boorish way I had acted towards her- twice. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice… Not a problem, I had Angela post her to Akin’s team.

That was as close to her as I could get without her working directly on my team. I had to settle for crabby Mary with no personality.

After her first week, Oyinkade was all Akin could talk about. Of course he went on about how smart she was and a wonderful addition to the team since Erica. I heard about how she’s got personality for days …however I had other things on my mind

What did she smell like?

Did she have lunch in the office or outside?

Coffee or tea?

I was sensible enough to keep my thoughts to myself knowing Akin. He would tease me mercilessly, and even worse, be tempted to go for Oyinade himself! Akin saw chasing women as a game, and he was always ready for the thrill! This would not be the first time Akin had gone for a girl he knew I was nursing interest in. He always claimed I never made a move, so he wasn’t in the wrong.

I remember Karen, just thinking of her sent a smile across my face. If I believed in fate, then I’d say my meeting Karen was fate, or else how do I explain this? Karen and I met during my days at Georgetown. We didn’t even attend the same University. Karen was a Psychology major at Howard University. She had come to the Georgetown library to study for her Test. Georgetown law required us to take this mandatory Psychology class.

Psychology was the last thing on my mind. In fact I had already taken an L on the test. I just went to the library to fulfill all righteousness. I smelt her before I saw her.

Eternity by Calvin Klein…

I followed the pheromones and it led me to her. Caramel skinned beauty with full curls of hair cascading over her hunched shoulders. I wanted more. I wanted to drink all of her in. Her face was matted into a concentrated scowl and the thin framed leaf green glasses she had on added to her sex appeal.

Call it fate again, because the only other chair at the table she was sitting on was empty. I knew it was rude, but I didn’t ask her before plopping my lanky frame in it. I didn’t want to take the risk of her saying “No”. Needless to say, my Aphrodite also came with brains, because two hours later, I left with a clear understanding of everything I had been trying to learn all semester.

I got an A on the test. I couldn’t believe it. Akin couldn’t believe it either. He had to meet her! I introduced them. There are few actions I have taken in my life that I regret. That was one. Two weeks later, Akin said they were official.

Another thing I learnt about the R&A team, they worked hard and played hard. After an exhaustive week of orientation, long briefings, Alex suggested we go to happy hour at the bar across the street. As it was his birthday weekend, the firm acquiesced to him, and by 6pm, Daniel’s cafe was packed with the best and the brightest legal brains in the whole of Atlanta.

We could easily have meshed into the crowd, but a crowd of ten male and females in various stages of business casual wear would be hard to miss. I stayed with the rest of my team closely as I wasn’t used to this. I was still nursing my one sour amaretto whereas the rest of the group was on their third glasses of coke and rum. After a couple of drinks, ties were loosened and conversation started flowing.

In as much as my boss was very professional at work, I saw a different side of him- more boyish charm and carefree. Femi on the other hand was still as cool and calm as ever. Was there anything that ruffled his feathers? I made a mental note to stick to my own side of the bar, but I could feel his eyes drilling at my back. I dared not look up, once bitten…

Justin on the other hand was flirting with everybody in the room. I noticed that his hands were constantly either on Erica’s shoulders, the small of her back…

I must have been lost in my reprieve, because when I came through, I felt a nudge

“Shots! Shots!! Shots!!! Shots everybody!”

Akin had ordered patron shots for everyone. While I tried to decline, they wouldn’t hear any of it. Apparently, it was standard procedure for new interns.

I gritted my teeth, raised the glass of patron to my lips and downed the glass in one gulp, amidst cheers of approval from my colleagues. The alcohol stung my throat, but I struggled to keep it down. I wasn’t going to look like the weakling in the group.

“Here” I felt a nudge by my side and saw Femi handing me a quarter slice of lime. “It helps”

It sure did feel better.

I murmured my thanks.

“I should have warned you, standard practice for new interns” he quipped, “we call it the baptismal of fire”

“Baptism of fire indeed”

“You handled it quite well, I must say”

“Well, I’m not much of a drinker” I admit.

Before I knew it, conversation was flowing. So funky attitude had a nicer side to him afterall! Who would have thought? I learnt he loved basketball. We supported the same team, the Los Angeles Lakers. He was into Broadway shows, Liked action movies just as I did and he was an avid reader as well.

I don’t know if it was the Dutch courage, but I felt better relaxed in his presence. We were lost in our own little world as I got to know my CEO…



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