Flight 606 …Part5

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It’s been 3 weeks since I started working at Roberts &Associates. To say I was not surprised when I got the letter in The mail was an understatement. I fact, I wouldn’t have opened it if curiosity did not get the better part of me. I was already applying to other firms and I had my first interview the following week.

Sometimes I had to pinch myself to remind me that it was real. I, Oyinkamsola Zamunda, was gainfully employed as an Associate in the prestigious Roberts & Associates law firm.

Speaking of Roberts, Femi had been nothing short of professional since the day of the interview. I was quite impressed. for starters, I made it a condition of acceptance that I do not get to work with him directly. Risky move, I know, but after the interview, I couldn’t trust the effect the man had on me. I was so sure I was going to lose the offer, but not only did they acquiesce, I also got a mouth watering starting salary with a generous sign on bonus!

You bet the first thing I did was go shopping! I had to replace my wardrobe with cute skirt suits, comfortable pumps and an assortment of designer shirts. I had seen how the lawyers at R&A dress and I wasn’t going to be left carrying last!

After my orientation, the HR lady had told me that I would be working closely with Barrister Akin Alayeluwa’s team and I was quickly introduced to the team. Akin I learnt was Femi’s best friends. He was equally handsome and all the other new associates seemed to be swooning over him. 6 foot 3, well built,chocolate prince, he was quite the charmer. Summa cum laude graduate of Georgetown Law, he also had the brains to boot.

I could have sworn I saw Akin giving me the look, but I quickly brushed the thought away. I knew I could hold my own, but hot was not a word I’d use to describe myself.

One thing I liked about this law firm – in addition to the other gazillion things- was their policy on addressing each other by their first names. The belief was that once such formalities were out of the way, it fosters a better working environment.

We were split into teams and I was put on one of their high profile cases. I assumed word had gone round that I Made the highest score on the aptitude test. Also, the HR lady had let slip that I was being paid 10% more than the other associates. Frankly, that was a move I made to discourage them from hiring me After the dreadful interview process. My thinking was to blow them away, but it seemed like someone at the firm indeed wanted me.

My team consisted of three junior associates and two partners. We were working on the xxx and apparently, I was lucky to have been put on this team. There was a meeting at 1pm where I got to meet the rest of my team mates.
Erica, 26 year old Chinese-American. Graduate of Harvard Law School. She had the most experience. She had worked in another law firm, for 6years and made partner in 4 years. Erica was tall, ….but don’t let her looks fool you cos I heard she could be deadly in the negotiating room. She’s known to drive a mean bargain.

Alex, 30 years old, – in a few months. Very jovial, effusive personality. It was obvious he was the life of the team. Very flirty as well, cos if I had a dollar for how many times he tapped my arm, I’d be able to buy myself lunch!

Justin was the other junior associate assigned to the team. He seemed very reserved, almost unsure of himself.

Akin, needed no further introduction.

I knew my time on this team was going to be fun



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