Flight 606 …Part4

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I had been doing interviews all day, and quite frankly I was ready to get this done and over with. Michelle informed me that I had the last candidate.

I quickly scanned through her file. Harvard Law school, summa cum laude, president of the Harvard review.

Female, in her mid- twenties. Looks like this was going to be an interesting interview.

 When she walked into the room, I’d admit that she was the last person I expected to see. Yes, i’d know those lips anywhere. I had spent the better part of two hours wondering what they’d taste like and imagining them on other parts of my anatomy. It was her alright. However, I caught my wandering thoughts just in time and replaced my lustful look with a professional look. 

 I launch into this spew of trite interview questions that everyone expected and practiced. She seemed to be doing well with the questions, but the real questions I wanted to ask we’re burning in my subconscious

Does she have a boyfriend?

What’s her bra size

Briefs or boyshorts? Lace or satin? 


Again, I steer my wandering thoughts back to the interview at hand, not that I recall much of her answers anyways. She had passed the interview from the moment she walked into the door.

 “so Ms Zamunda, why do you think you’re the most qualified for this job?”

And then she begins ti stutter. I’m momentarily caught off guard. I could see the tears glistening behind her eyes. I really wanted to reach behind the desk and pull her into my arms, but instead I ended the interview, 

I felt like a jerk for almost making her cry. Heck! I’ve felt like a jerk ever since I first snapped at her on the plane. I wanted to make it right. To take her face in my arms and wipe the tears away to..

Common Femi! When did you become this emo? If Akin could see you right now, you wouldn’t hear the last of it. 

Akin, son of Oba Aleyeluwa the second. That prince title came with a lot of benefits, and Akin wasted no time sowing his royal oats in the university. He was known as a charmer and heartbreaker. Yet the girls kept flocking through. Akin would have known what to say and perhaps had had her dropping her panties in five minutes! His best friend made things look so easy, but Femi, yeah even though everyone said I had the looks to be quite a heartbreaker, I had never really tested that particular skill. 

O well, since she would be working in the office now, he’d be better able to keep an eye on her…



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