Flight 606 …Part3

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“Come in” He drawled lazily from behind the desk

It took all I could do not to barf. So hunky god with the funky attitude was the CEO of Roberts & Associates! I’m tempted to make a beeline for the door, but my voice of reasoning quickly reminded me that I needed this job!

Maybe I gave myself away too quickly because I see a hint of recognition in his eyes. Before I determine if I imagined it or not, its gone. Replaced with a steely professional look.

O well, two can play that game!

I brace myself and look him dead in the eyes. All my months and months of practice, staring down the butler, random strangers all come down to this, and I’m determined to nail it.

“so, Miss Zamunda, tell me about yourself”

This was one of the questions I had practiced, so I launched into my well rehearsed answer

” I am Oyinade Zamunda, originally from Lagos Nigeria, I have pursued a J.D degree from Harvard Law School. I had finished my schooling at E.D Thomas HR secondary school in the United kingdom. Basically I am a hard worker and I tend to deal with people diplomatically and I excel in communication. I had working I year working experience as president of the Harvard Review.”

I launch into the answer I knew they were required without delving too much into my personal life.

As if he knew what I was trying to do “so I see here that you graduated summa cum laude from Law school, ..tell me about your job experience!”

Funky attitude definitely brought his attitude with him

“well…I have applied for positions with different law firms, but…”

“how are you when you’re working under pressure?”

I mentally rolled my eyes. yeah, pressure alright, like this interview wasnt enough pressure

“I see here that you had the best scores in the aptitude test, however since you have no previous experience…” his voice trailed off, effectively leaving me hanging.

“why do you think you’re the most qualified for this job?”

“” I don’t think I’m the most qualified….actually I’m the most qualified .. I am a quick learner and I can easily adjust to any environment. I believe I can do anything as I am a hard worker.”

With that, all my resolve melted and I fight hard to stop the tears from pooling in my eyes..

…Later that evening, I kick back my heels, and start up my computer, hitting the job section..”

I had done it again! I might as well start looking for new classified ads.



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