Eva Alordiah’s Favorite Things…

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Best perfume?

I have gone through several different bottles in the past couple of months. But currently my new fav is Calvin Klein’s BEAUTY.

What are the contents in your bag?

Well asides my overloaded mini Makeup purse, ve got My iPod, my Phone, a small sized New Testament Bible, my jewelry pouch where I stash extra accessories, my empty money wallet (laughs), a “Paco Robanne Gold” perfume which I always carry with me, a writing pad and pen, Hair brushes and combs, a couple of nail polish bottles, a James Hardley Chase novel… Ehrmmmm… Wow. I think that’s all

 What book are you reading?

Right now, “Think Big” by Ben Carson. I have read it a couple of times before but I sorta picked it up recently and started all over again.

Your top fashion designer?

None. I like to experiment with several designer pieces, I don’t think I ever go “Oh my, I swear by so-so and so designer..”

Your favourite dish?

But I wouldn’t get up if Starch and Banga was placed in front of me. I love Beans and Plantain as well. Eba with Uha, Okro, or Egusi soup. I’m not crazy about Rice as such, but if its prepared with spiced chicken in curry or vegetable sauces with lots of plantain, I’m good. Amala and Gbegiri with Ewedu does magical things to me.

I’m basically not big on favorites when it comes to food. The only meal I don’t think I’d ever like though is Fufu. I just don’t understand it. (Laughs)

Best bottle of wine?

Ehrrmmmm… None

Top 5 current songs you like?

  • Rayce – Roll. I think this song stays at number 1 for me right now. I even have a special dance for it. As soon as it comes on in the club or something, I go crazy!
  • 2Chainz ft Drake – No Lie. The video made me love it even more! Maybe because of the very artistic black Makeup they had going on with the models, maybe it was Drake’s unmistakable new swagger, I really can’t say. I love, love, love it!
  • Ok I don’t even know the title of this one or the artist, I just know it goes  ♫ Young girl you don’t know tha tin, I am teaching you tha tin, you are playing with tha tin…♫  (laughing) what a song!
  • Reminisce – 2Mussh. This is a Jam of life! UuurrgGH! Everytime I listen to this song I go super nuts! SarZ, who produced it, has got to be one of the Best Urban producers out right now. He does things with music I can’t even explain. As an artist I am looking forward to working with SarZ again and again.
    This song is just hot! I can’t get over it.
  • Kirko Bangz -Drank in my Cup. This is one of those songs where if you get lost in the rhythm, soul and vibe of the song, you still wouldn’t miss the message the artist is tryna pass across. Its one of my replay favs right now.

Do you love Gadgets?

Oh Yes! I’m crazy for my iPod. I got my eBooks, games, music, everything on there. I used to be a big fan of the PSP. I haven’t fallen in love with the iPad yet for some reason. Maybe I just feel like my iPod would be jealous, hehe.

Last meal?

Plantain with Turkey in peppered vegetable sauce.

Won’t be caught wearing?

Pants, Legging, trousers, Jeans or shorts with any inscriptions across the butt area! Yuck!



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