Dhamani’s Mused Minds: Squirt or Poop

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“Sweetheart, do understand me.”

Bola said crying softly. She was tired of the constant fights with her new boyfriend. It was tiring, they argued as much as they were breathing. Sadly, the constant fights were over tiny things or nothing. Even if she was tired of always apologizing, she knew her relationship would be nothing with two people full of pride or arrogance. Someone had to step down. She loved him. Again, she was scared she might be over doing it. She wanted him to know, she was doing her best, her best for them.

“It’s alright love.”

Tokunbo said hugging her tight. He knew he wasn’t doing his best but he didn’t want her getting too comfortable. He dried her tears as he sat her down on the bed. Scared of his emotions betraying him, he wasn’t sure if admitting he was wrong would make her feel better.

“C’mon! you can’t be crying naw. These are challenges that we have to face.”
“I know… I know… just tired of all the arguments… can’t we just be happy?”
“We’ll be fine dear” Tokunbo said looking away. The last thing he wanted to do was make her regret sticking with him.
“You should just rest and forget all this happened.” Tokunbo continued, making her lie on her back. He turned on the ceiling fan and laid down beside her too.
“I think I should.” she said. “I don’t even feel too good.”
“You’ll be fine Bola.” Tokunbo said and kissed her forehead

She turned her face the other way and got lost in her thoughts. Didn’t take long for her to feel the tickling on her left arm. She needed to be sure, what was going on? Tokunbo attempting a make up sex? No? Not today of all days. She couldn’t say no, there was no reason to. Didnt he hear her when she said she wasn’t feeling too good? She stiffened her body a bit.

“What’s wrong?” Tokunbo asked
“Nothing” she replied, slowly turning to smile at this handsome man, she found herself engrossed in a passionate french kiss. Did she see that coming? Well… Tokunbo is a good kisser and now wasn’t a good time to cross check anything. She had to flow with the moment

Risk the pleasure

“Your calabashes have grown o! Good news for me.” Tokunbo grinned
“Naughty boy! They’re yours, aren’t they?” Bola said teasingly.
“Bet ov kez.” He replied while Bola laughed loud as he buried his face in her chest.

20 minutes later

Bola was moaning loudly with her thighs vibrating.

“Ok baby, time for the main part, the doggy part.” Tokunbo whispered in her right ear.

Bola managed a faint smile, and covered it up almost immediately by biting her lower lip. She was scared. She had got to the peak of what she could carry on with. She turned over for the doggy and fell flat on the bed almost immediately.

“You alright love or are you tired?” Tokunbo asked.
“I think I’m tired” Bola replied.
“Tired ke? How can you be tired?” Tokunbo asked laughing.
“Lemme jo! You be horse?” she laughed softly, obviously mixed with fear.
“We’ve not done anything o!” he said as he paved his way in between her thighs with his third leg.

He was thrusting like the end of the world. She could hear her chest beat way too fast…. and burrrrrrrrrrrrp!

“What was that?” Tokunbo asked confused as he withdrew from within. He was confused.
“Told you I wasn’t feeling too good” Bola replied with terror written all over her face.

It didn’t take long before Tokunbo smelt something…. he was certain of that smell! Did his girlfriend just poop on his bed? Was her “not feeling too good” mean she was purging?


So boys n girls, how e go be? U dey straff ur babe/bobo and the next tin….. Your opinion guys!



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