Coco’s Chronicles: Sisters, Steer Clear of BS

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Hey everyone! I’m back with the chronicles this week and I missed you, for real o. Thanks for the comments/responses y’all drop here and on the social networking sites, my love for you is big mwah! For people who say they would like to share their experiences, follow me on twitter, let’s start our gist from there – @Tomilola_coco.

This week, I’d be sharing with you guys something which happened to one of my other friends which I found unbelievable and ridiculous but true and which unfortunately, most girls do and what triggered my recollection of this experience was the article “Letter to Ksolo’s wife” that I read on this blog days ago.

The funny thing is that, most girls claim they are better than this and they would never fall prey to situations like the one I’m about to share, but guess what? They do and they don’t even try to do anything to change it. They take the BS their boyfriends and husbands toss their way and hold on to the relationship like without it, life would end. Anyway, here’s the story!

Jennifer is a mutual friend of the girls and I. We love Jennifer because she is one of those ‘easy to love’ and extremely pleasant people. She never does anything to piss anybody off and you could never fault anything she does. Jennifer is the perfect girl next door but her boyfriend was the biggest joke of the century. He was everything she wasn’t and while she was loved by all, he was hated by many. He never wore anything his size, had many dirty habits, had a problem with being civil and never really behaved well in public.

In fact, it is safe to say Jennifer is the only person who could tolerate her boyfriend’s ways.

They had a celebrated relationship, you know the type of relationship everyone knew about and everyone was so used to that it felt like they have been dating forever and nothing would ever separate them? Anyway, the relationship seemed good (as they would let us believe), until one day, a scandal broke.

News started flying around that Jennifer’s supposed perfect relationship was in trouble, her boyfriend was cheating! First question the girls and I asked was “with who?”

Jennifer’s boyfriend isn’t the type any girl should want to touch with a long pole, who the heck was the girl opened her legs for this guy to fix his dirty dick in her veejayjay?

Our question was answered soon enough, it wasn’t one girl, it was so many girls and most of them were close pals of Jennifer. We all pitied her, our sweet adorable Jennifer. We started hating her already unloved boyfriend on her behalf. Who treated a good sister that way?

She came over to ours one day and gave a long “heart wrenching, soul touching, tear dropping” speech on how she had sacrificed a lot in the relationship and how they lived together for two years and he never touched her(didn’t believe it either) and how she had taken enough crap from him. He had taken her for granted and she was having none of it. She also went ahead to advise us not to take any of that crap whenever a man threw it at us. (Hmm… preach it sister! I was touched).

What Enitan thought of the story – Cool story! Jennifer was just having an emotional moment after which she’d run back to the guy.

In fact, she laughed her head off after Jennifer was gone and told us the speech was a joke.

What Trish thought – Unbelievable! Who slept with all his girlfriend’s close pals?

What Reanne thought – The height of irresponsibility? Who cheated on such a sweet girl?

What I thought – Cheating is bad, cheating with your partner’s friend is evil! And he did cheat with more than one of her friends.

What Jennifer eventually did; she “mourned” the relationship for a few weeks and forgot to tell us how she reconciled with her man. Yes, they were back together before we could stop hating the boy on her behalf!

What Enitan thought of her actions – *straight face* and a *I told you face*

What Trish thought – Once he cheats? He would forever continue to cheat.

What Reanne thought – Jennifer is stupid

What I thought – Permit me to say this, I am still shocked!

Truth of the story is many girls do this, stay in a relationship where their man gives them crap or worse beats them and claim it is love.

Dear sisters, don’t be deluded, Love makes you happy and gives you joy not a broken/shattered heart and/or a tattooed body.

Walk away when you can, not everybody gets lucky to survive unscathed. Do not let your emotions be destroyed by a man who isn’t worth it.

Sisters, Steer Clear of BS!!!

I would be back next week with the story of a male friend which I’m sure you would find amusing and interesting. *wink*



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  1. Sometimes its beyond comprehension but couple of time they claim love is blind. The mighty and meek, High and low, thin and large, spiritual or atheist, still fall into the same trap. Love is 5% feeling based and 95% decision based .

  2. Dis is sad buh its true. Most girls,if not all girls fall for dis all d tym. Dey wld ave to break up α couple more times b4 she realizes what α big mistake he is and quit finally. I wish her d best coz it is not easy to move on afta 2yrs σяv livin togeda. He didn’t touch her? For 2yrs? Oh puleeeaaaaase!!! *rme*. Nwaiz,nice 1 Coco! Go gurl!

  3. Teas: lol. The brothers might have something for the sisters too u know. An idea maybe?
    @crankysmurf: haha. We all do somethings sometimes we aren’t exactly proud of. But we do it anyways
    @tripen: I agree. Things we do for love. But then we can still be careful while in love and reduce the silly things we do
    Blaah: true. But surely we can try not to fall into ditches like this one. Guys like this aren’t worth the trouble I tell u. Cheating is NEVER right.
    Iceboss: loool.I can imagine
    Heiress lama: I hope she learns and leaves soonest. Broken relationship is better than broken marriage they say. No one shld stick with this for long.

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