Coco Chronicles: Good Akpako Gone Wrong

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It’s another Thursday and another day for coco’s chronicles, Yay! I get to interact with my readers, friends and critics L

LOL! Seriously though, I kinda look forward to Thursdays, your comments/responses and reactions to my articles are usually so cool/funny/hilarious that they make my day. It is always nice to read from you and know what you think. I love you guys. Mwah! Thanks for giving Coco’s chronicles a reason to happen every Thursday on

I told you guys last week I’d be sharing a male friend’s experience and I’m here with it. He is an ardent reader of the chronicles and he read “The Pussy Struggle” series and the “Let’s call a spade a spade: rape is rape” article. He believes that girls can be funny and usually have their own side to a story that’s sometimes false. He further stated that until both sides are heard most times, guys shouldn’t be crucified for their “actions”. He insisted on sharing his experience with me and didn’t mind calling from the UK to discuss it. I must admit, I found his story amusing/interesting and I also couldn’t believe some girls would go that far for any reason. Here’s the story, enjoy;

I had met this girl and we kinda clicked immediately, she was good looking, everything fine and stuff and so we exchanged contacts and kept in touch” he began

For Damien, when he met the girl, he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted something deep with her, but he was sure he wanted her close. When they started talking, he had made her realise he liked her and wasn’t exactly looking for a relationship, the girl seemed to understand and they moved on, away from that phase.

I liked her person and how she seemed to understand what it was I wanted and so we met and a couple of times, we did hang out and had fun. We also did kiss and touch but never did the real thing

Damien doesn’t believe in rushing girls and believes the sex stage would eventually happen if it would and there’s no point in hurrying it. He felt the same way when he met this girl and even though he wanted to have a nice no strings attached nack, he never pushed it.

One day, we got talking about sex and she got me all excited” his patience has finally paid off, the opportunity had finally come and he did look forward to it.

Who says a patient dog doesn’t get to eat the chunkiest veejayjay? 😀

We chatted and she kept giving me all these talk about sex and stuff and how we were going to eventually do it. I am a full blooded Naija man and I have got no problems with my sex life, so she was most welcome!

The girl asked Damien if she could come over to his.

Hell yeah, Why not? I no be gay man na and I am certainly not impotent, so I told her to please do

She arrived at his door, all the while telling him she had a delightful surprise for him. Damien’s appetite was already wet (or hard as we would call it for the purpose of this article), a clean, good looking African woman with the goodies all in the right places and a delightful surprise? It must be his birthday all over again!

She asked me to go sit in the sitting room when I opened the door for her and promised to join me shortly” Damien said, he walked briskly to his sitting room, all the while wondering what this delightful surprise was. His appetite was getting harder and he couldn’t wait to see the surprise.

Then she walked into the sitting room and I was stunned. Damn, the chic had on the most beautiful lingerie I had seen in a while! Her boobs were firmly held in the bra and her veejayjay was carefully shaped in her panties. She had removed her clothes and she seductively walked towards me, her eyes clearly telling me what she wanted. I couldn’t wait to get the business over with

And right there and then, Damien took his girl on the couch and gave her the akpako she so deserved.

I agree she deserved it too, I mean who gave a brother so much hunger with ordinary pata and bra and leaves without having a story to tell?

Then when they were done, minutes later, the sister got another round courtesy of Damien.

Again, I agree she deserved it, when she no gree wear cloth after taunting the lion. But the girl disagreed.

She started giving me attitude once we were done with the second round and said I didn’t make love to her gently” Damien said “she said I handled her roughly and not like a gentleman


I was shocked! All through the “exercise”, she was moaning and responding to my touch and the act itself. I believed she enjoyed it, why did she want something different and acted like she loved it?

Me sef, I confuse!

She got all moody all night and I didn’t touch her again, neither did I say a word to her till she left the next morning. I was really confused; I thought we were on the same page!

Damien and the girl didn’t speak for a long time, then one day he tried to reach out and ask how she was doing. Then he got the shocker of his life.

I had tried to ask her how she was doing and she replied me with “don’t ever talk to me again you rapist

I was shocked beyond words!!!

Buahahaha! Some girls are curaaazy!

Rape? I went through the events of that night again and I tried to remember if I forced this chic. But I didn’t. I swear I didn’t. She loved every minute of it. But why she accused me of rape is beyond me. I immediately saved our previous chats; I won’t let one chic destroy my life. Mi o le je ko baye mi je!” He further stated “ever since then, I make every chic I want to lay commit herself on our chats before I do the thing. I can’t let someone enjoy my dick and then accuse me of a crime later” he added

I laughed the day I heard this gist ehn and truth be told; another male friend of mine shared an almost similar experience (I won’t be sharing that one unless you want me to. (It’s interesting sha 😀 so berra ask). This only makes me ask, girls that do this? Kilode??? A guy would only treat you the way you present yourself to him. Apparently this girl wanted more and she offered him sex hoping for a relationship.

By the way, I have an adorable special someone who wants to get laid, he is a guy and it would be his first time. Girls that disvirgin, forward your details biko. Tainx. See ya next week people! *kisses*



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  1. E ma wo Oloshi! =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) after an orgasmic evening she is nau forming wats not!but ehen d guy too shud av taken it slow u know some ladiesd av dier womb on d lower part and msaybe d guys sometg was big! So it was touching d womb! =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) Laugh=))=Dº°˚˚˚°ºwan=))=D º°˚˚˚°ºkill =)) =D º°˚˚˚°ºme=)) =D º°˚˚˚°ºdie=)) =D º°˚˚˚°º. Yeee Moo gbe! Alakoba oshi!

  2. Girls get it wrong all the time. I’ve always said this, if a girl isn’t ready to face reality and see things as it is, she will never get it right. Fuck is fuck. Relationship is relationship. Never mix it up and never think a good fuck is enof to get a guy into a relationship. Mr ruff rider this tool you have that is making a girl get it all wrong, hmmmmmmmmmmm. Be kiaful o. Looool. Nice one Coco. I wld be looking forward to the other guy’s story too o. Bless

  3. Lol! D scales fell off her eyes after d sex.d broda ws probably 2 hard on her d 2nd tym tho;he wouldn’t know,his brain signals were not in order.

  4. Nice article, babe gets it wrong, a good sex does not mean love or relationship. But d babe no try sha o, after screaming harder, can’t laugh oOooo

  5. I had a similar experience. I met her @ the place I worked before going for my nysc. We got close, in two months we became bed buddies. After camping I came back home and called her to come over. We had crazy sex (she was the freaky one). When she was ready to go, I called my cab guy to come pick her up. As we dey stroll reach gate, she ask me the most dumb/confusing question “what was that about?”. Bitch u cumd all over my bed n cushion. Well, Still confused tho, I asked- wetin u mean Eva!? She looked @ me for like 2 long minutes and said absolutely nothing. Maybe she was possessed while i was in camp, Choi.. Well, 10 minutes later she sent me a text “Don’t ever call me again”. Whew, thank God. 2 weeks ago she sent me a text, “hey handsome. How u been? What r u doing this weekend?” I’m mosDefinately not doin u freak. I did not send it o.

  6. Negho: lmao! This girl u won’t kill me.
    Chica Bella: you kno, I always say the same thing. The moment a girl realises sex and relationship are two different things, the better her life wld be. Good fuck won’t make a man who isn’t ready to date u stay with u. Its as simle as ABC
    Jonie: lool
    Crankysmurf: 😀
    Pearl: As in! After enjoying the whole thing she turns back and claims rape. Like I said some girls are crazy

  7. Going as far as calling the guy a rapist is definitely wrong.
    There could have been a number of factors involved. Perhaps the girl started to get turned off after the first bout and she didn’t know how to say “stop! I don’t want to do this anymore” and she decided to fake her way through it.
    I swear I have had experiences when I totally thought I wanted to get with some someone and then once we started to do the thing, I realized it was not such a good idea afterall.. and I could not bring myself to say errr… noo…

    She shouldn’t have called him a rapist sha.. worst she could have done was tell him the sex was crap.. finish..

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