Beyonce: “No Beef With Kim Kardashian”

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International Entertainment News: Ever since Kanye West & Kim Kardashian officially began dating, there has been a lot of rumors about the relationship between the reality TV star and Beyonce.

These rumors escalated once again recently, when during Jay-Z’s Made In America event in Philadelphia, Beyonce allegedly told Kim K to stop posing for the cameras because she was stealing Jay-Z’s spotlight.

It was also rumored that Beyonce was pissed that Kim K was using the event for job-hunting, as Kim K was alleged to have approached Angels & Demons producer Ron Howard to cast her in a movie.

Sources close to Beyonce however say that there is no bad blood between the women, and that both women were backstage hugging & laughing while watching their men perform at the event. According to a source, “Theyblove each other – they talk fashion, family, Bey’s baby all the time.”

And as for the Ron Howard incident, insiders say it never happened.



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