Apple Unveils iPhone 5

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Apple has unveiled a taller, 4G-enabled iPhone at an event in San Francisco. The device’s new size allows it to display an extra row of app icons on its home screen.

The firm said it was 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. The screen measures 4in (10.2cm) which is still smaller than rival devices from Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and HTC. The new screen offers a 16:9 ratio, matching that of widescreen televisions.

Phil Schiller – Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing, who unveiled the device – said existing apps would be shown with black borders until developers updated their products. The handset also features a new Apple-designed chip, called the A6. Mr Schiller suggested this made it twice as powerful as the earlier model.

The camera is an eight megapixel model – the same as in the iPhone 4S, and a lower specification than LG and Sony’s most recent devices. However, Mr Schiller said the equipment and associated software meant the iPhone would create better photographs in low light than before.

The handset also uses a new, smaller, socket for its charger. This means owners will need to use an adapter to plug the device into existing speakers and other equipment.



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  1. Why did u guys copy everything word-for-worf from bbc’s website? Na wa o! Atleast be creative naa….P.S. U forgot 2 add the iPhone5’s pix 😀

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