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What the hell are you doing here Sandra” he said exasperated. She stood up to hug him but he shoved her away. “Well, I’m here to tell you that I ….” Before she could complete her statement Pst Patricia walked in. “ Sandra!!! Thought you went home? ” She asked in amazement.

Pst Simon went into damage control mode, he immediately responded “she’s here for prayers my dear. She’ll be traveling to Edo state tomorrow and wouldn’t want to leave with prophetic utterances from her pastor“. The look of amazement vanished immediately and Pst Patricia wished Sandra a safe journey.

I’ll leave you now and come back later dear” she said reaching for the door, “No, you don’t need to love. I’ve prayed for her, she was actually on her way out” he said smiling at Sis Sandra. Sis Sandra was transfixed, she couldn’t believe her ears. She was boiling with rage.

Yes ma, we’re done here” she said eyeing the pastor and she left the office angrier than ever. She intended on punishing and ridiculing pastor Simon soon.

Once she left the room, Pst Simon felt at ease with himself and thanked he lucky stars for his quick reasoning. “Wisdom is the principal thing” he thought to himself. “So my dear, what’s the problem? Thought you should be holding a meeting with the singles of the church?” He asked loosening his tie.

I delegated the responsibility to Deacon Philip. I need to ask you some questions” she said looking downcast. “What could be the problem now” he thought to himself. He just dodged a bullet, he wasn’t willing to be on the spot again. “Ok, fire away” he said with all the confidence he could muster.

“Why haven’t you made love to me in 6 months? and you tell men in the church not to exhibit such behaviours” she said with tears in her eyes. Pst Patricia was frustrated and could fathom why Pst Simon wouldn’t desire her.

Patricia, Patricia… You know I’ve been busy and engaging in various fast of different length. We  must put our sexual desires aside and forge ahead unto perfection” he said with all conviction

Don’t tell me that!!” She shouted “is it written anywhere in the bible that A pastor shouldn’t make love to his wife?” She asked. Pst Simon realized he had to tread careful not to create any more problems for himself.

I’m sorry my love” he said standing up. He moved towards her and held her in his arms. She tried to wrestle out of his embrace but he held on to her tight and promised that he’ll change.

Patricia really hoped he was going to change because she couldn’t take it anymore. She never signed up to be a Pastor’s wife or thought she’ll embark on sexual droughts. This phase in their sexual life had made stray from her principles and it is weighing her down spiritually.

On her way out she remembered another vital question,”Simon was Sister Agnes in your office before the 2nd service? Because I saw her step out of your office

Here comes another bullet” he thought to himself.



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