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There’s no middle ground  brethren, Every sinner will burn in the Lake of Fire. Brethren, Hell is real, I know many seated in this auditorium doubt its existence but it’s real” said Pastor Simon.

She couldn’t believe her ears. “Is this man in the right state of mind” Sister Lovet thought to herself. Besides the rage she felt within her soul, she was also deeply troubled in her spirit man, she had opened Pandora’s box knowingly.

Brethren, you need to subdue the flesh. I know it’s not easy but this is where grace comes to play. Envy, lying, strive…Brethren you know these sins” Pastor Simon said pacing up and down th altar with vigor

Subduing the flesh” she thought to herself or does Pastor Simon  have a  twin brother because the man she was with yesterday night was clearly a depraved beast devoid of the Holy Spirit. She remembered how he ripped her skirt  and had his way with her on his desk. Well not really had his way because it was consensual. She banished the thought from her mind.

However, she just couldn’t believe he could be so bold as to stand on the Altar of God and preach about sin and its recompense. “Who am I kidding, aren’t I the choir mistress? so what’s the difference? ” She thought to herself.

You must realize that Pastor Simon is a happily married man with two kids but he has a weakness for light-skinned women. Every light-skinned sister in his church is a potential target to satisfy his lust.

Seated at the back of the Auditorium, Sister Sandra was livid. She wanted to disrupt the service with a shocking revelation but decided to wait. As pastor Simon continued his sermon, all she did was curse and abuse him in her mind.

However, other members ignorant of the pastor’s escapades were moved by his sermon and purposed to re-dedicate their lives. At the end of the sermon, Pastor Simon made the altar call announcement and people trooped forward.

He led them in a short pray and enjoined them to read the word of God more. There and then Sister Lovet knew Pst. Simon was on the Highway to destruction.

The Pastor then invited his wife, Pst.(Mrs) Patricia, to welcome the first timer. Sister Lovet and Sandra pitted the woman because she believed her husband was a saint like everybody else.

The first service was brought to a close for the second service to commence in 30 minutes. Christ in You Ministries always had two services on Sunday to accommodate its members.

Sis Sandra decided to confront Pastor Simon in his office. On her way to the office, she was intercepted by the pastor’s wife – her spiritual mentor. Patricia asked after Brother Matthew – Sister Sandra’s Fiancé and the preparations for the wedding. All she could say was ” fine“. Sister Sandra really wanted to see the pastor but his wife was being a hindrance.

From the altar, the announcement was made for the commencement of the second service. Sister Sandra was now vexed with Pst. Patricia but she hid her disgust and told Pst. Patricia she had to leave.

Let’s lift up our voices to God and worship His Holy name” Sister Lovet announced from the Altar.”



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