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1.     Tell us about Lo’Lavita. What was the inspiration/motivation behind the brand and name?

Lo’Lavita is the fastest growing international brand in the market that entails all kinds of luxury hair extension, electronic styling tools, hair care products for maintenance and hair essential accessories. Lo’Lavita is one of the only hair brands that have exclusive access in sourcing authentic raw materials from international countries and transforming it to useable products. Being a significant part of the hair industry has been a motivation because the brand is a contributing factor in determining the way women feel and look about their appearance.

At the initial start of the business, I wanted a unique brand name somewhat French, Spanish and/or Italian but nothing seemed to make sense to me, so I came up with the name Lavita – with Vita being an Italian word, and coincidentally, the first two letters is the last two letters of my first name. So bingo! Lo’Lavita. The fact that women are not always satisfied and usually demand changes in their look is enough inspiration and motivation to make Lo’Lavita a one stop house for everything that has to do with hair.

2.     Where you with the brand during start up? What was your most surprising experience?

I started the brand so I have witnessed all it’s ups and downs. We have many surprising and exciting experiences, but one of which is the fact that many women still don’t understand much about hair maintenance (natural & extensions).  And this is why we have very detailed interactive consultation sessions with each customer. Working everyday to build the brand is an exciting experience because we are constantly researching and developing newer and better things for the customers. We learn, we educate others and that’s why we are experts.

3.     In your own words, how do you think Lo’Lavita has been received by your customers and the general public?

Very well. In general, I believe Lo’Lavita is now a registered household brand name in the minds of our many customers, especially customers across Africa in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. I am very excited at the growth rate and the wide brand acceptance level of Lo’Lavita. We have very loyal customers and this has now prompted us to start a loyalty program to give back to our customers and to the general public.  It’s called Lo’Lavita Point card; it allows our customers earn points for referrals, old and new purchases and services rendered.

The program allows them to redeem the points at anytime for cash or free items. Personally, I do not see how big the brand is until people remind me. I guess this is a motivation so that we are constantly on our toes working and producing new product variety to suit our customers’ preference.

4.     How long has Lo’Lavita been in the hair and accessories business now?

Late 2009, I started the company as an online hair boutique in Michigan, USA but we began full operations in 2010. With the rising demand in Nigeria, I decided to relocate the head office to Lagos. So we have been in business for 3 years.

5.     What impact would you say Lo’Lavita has had in the industry during this time?

We are one of the only private African owned companies merging into all sectors of the hair industry with continuous innovation and expansion business models.  It’s a big accomplishment.

6.     What sets your products apart from your “competitors”?

The overall goal of Lo’Lavita is to provide a diverse look that is supported by quality, durability, affordability and longevity. We have partnered with the best factories that have over twenty years of experience in streamline hair technology and we enforce strict quality control inspections on all products. Our array of products is designed to meet the need for fashion as well as function for all class of women. We continuously introduce new products recognizing that women demand hair enhancements that define their individuality and reflect their lifestyle. We have superior customer service with our very knowledgeable team leaders and we provide product accessibility with our skilled global distributorship network.

7.     What products do you have available now?

You name it, we have it. Lo’Lavita is one of the only hair brands that have exclusive access of sourcing authentic raw materials from international countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, India, Peru, Italy, Russia and other parts of Europe and South East Asia. Each type of virgin hair material is collected and used in the creation of machine weft (weave on), lace wigs, glue-less lace wigs, bang/fringe wigs, lace frontals, pre-bonded micro-rings extensions, top closures, and many more types of hair enhancement.

We just launched our private line of shampoo and conditioner “DUNNI” Extension Care and leave –in conditioner. We also have our line of ceramic flat iron, nano titanium flat iron, tongs, cliples curlers, mini flat iron for edges, flex rollers, buns and many more.

8.     What are Lo’Lavita’s long-term goals?

To house Lo’Lavita hair care products and accessories in multi-national departmental retail chain and to multiple with global retail and saloon outlets.

9.     Do you have anything to say to those who are skeptical about the price/quality of your products?

Lo’Lavita prices are reasonable and very affordable. Look at it as an investment. We guarantee the best quality and value for your money.

10.  What would you say is the brand’s greatest achievement?

To be nominated and WIN at the African International Hair Extravaganza Award ceremony “Peoples choice weave fibre”. We had high votes and supporters across Africa. It’s exciting to know Lo’Lavita has become a recognized international brand.

11.  How does it feel to be the only internal brand from Nigeria chosen to be at the 1st Annual International Hair Extravaganza in South Africa this month, and what can we expect?

It was very exciting and overwhelming. We had many people all across Africa come to learn about the brand and the products we offer. We are thrilled to have had many supporters from Nigeria as well as other countries in Africa.  It is indeed a blessing as South Africa was very welcoming.

12.  Where can customers get your products?

Our online store www.lolavitahair.com or the retail outlet No 20 Admirlaty way. Store #4, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria. For international clients they can search for their nearest Lo’Lavita Hair distributor as listed on our website.  For more information, customers can reach us directly via email info@lolavitahair.com. For employment opportunities email career@lolavitahair.com.

Please like us on facebook/lolavitahair or follow us @lolavitahair.com

13.  Do you have any special offers for those who may not be able to afford your products at full price?

Yes we do. We have clearance and sales promo at discounted prices. We give customers the option to pay at installment while we keep the products on hold for as long as 60 days. This way customers can plan ahead and save.



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