360Fashion Style Diary: Priscilla Ephraim (Day 1)

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I have to first and foremost apologise to the faithful 360fashion style diary fashion and 360Men’s fashion readers for my unprompted abscence; I am having a toast to new beginnings and a new fashion season with this fashion diary! I hope you guys enjoy and leave your comments(remember I don’t mind if it’s negative). Its good to be back *raises glass*  😀


A Convenant university student if Estate Management, Priscilla Ephraim is in love with fashion experimenting with different pieces and carefully juxtaposing trends with her own DIY styles. To prove that she is not a fashion charlatan, she has been nominated in the “best dressed female” category in the Dynamix awards! She isn’t a stylist or a model. she is just one of those people who know their clothes, make-up and accessories; in other words she always looks good! She says “I love black nd white as mch as I love colours!a shoe fanatic!,a lover of Prints,skulls and all things KARDASHIAN!!!”. I think we are in for a very interesting style diary. 😉



My name is Priscilla and this is the first of my diary entry!  😀 *really excited* I really love to dress up and all and I’m glad I have found a platform to show it off *dancing all around closet*.

Okay so I have certainly been weakened by the fact that I have been in the US for two months now and I haven’t found anyplace or anyone to rescue me from the “bad hair ” I’m suffering from and YES! Bad hair is like a disease, you notice than when your hair isnt in a good state, you automatically begin to look unpleasant! Well ofcourse I have found the perfect DIY tip to cover all that up and therefore you will notice the headgear in the pictures! Thou shalt not mistake me for an Alhaja lool 


Monochrome looks work every time, whether you’re light skinned or dark skinned it always looks good when worn in good coordination. But! Sometimes, it gets boring wearing only plain black and white so you might want to use a patterned monochrome with a fair touch of colour. Today I wanted the monochrome look but in a trendy manner, and since I was wearing a headgear that was more on the Gold side  I thought it was best to go with monochrome with a touch of Gold and Gold accessories to match, well of course except the shoes, since I didnt want the outfit to be looking too Gold.

The scarf print is in trend, at least that’s what I see in all the stores I visit! There is always that chiffon long sleeve scarf printed shirt in the racks! So I got myself one 😀

Since the complementary theme for the monochrome is gold, I decided Gold accessories will work. And am i the only one that thinks red hot lips just perfect the look!?


Big bags work every time especially on a very busy day when u have a lot to juggle up, but sometimeswe all need a break and that’s why I decided to go with a purse! Believe it or not,that’s my wallet!Pretty right?

All the pieces I wore are from forever21! If you love any of them, there are similar ones on there! See you tomorrow! *blows kiss*



Nerdy Fashionista, hopeless shopaholic, shamelessly vain and a firm believer in "ALWAYS" looking fabulous even through her hectic & frustrating role as a Bio. Engineer. Nurturing a secret crush on all fashionable Men, she wishes she'd have a Men's fashion line one day. Her glasses and confidence are her best accessories regardless of countless jewelry and cute shoes and bags. Be sure to trust fashion through her eyes! @toekunbore: don't be shy to say hi on twitter!


  1. Isn’t this d babe dat took fake loubs 2 her school claimin she got it for about 100gees(stil fake)wen one lady brought d same shoes and sold them 4 6k…lol…from wat I hear d babe is jus 2 fake n proud

  2. Haters will always hate and talk off-point *points at that babe up* but as far as I’m concerned She looks good. I’m particularly impressed by the write up.

  3. @diane’s comment… Painfully dense! Its girls like dis dat piss me off.. Isn’t it possible d person brought a fake? Sm ppl wud rather blive d worst of others..

  4. I want 2 say dat dis hater is hell bound.if u can’t appreciate beautiful handwork of God,hw can you ever find joy in ur life ? Do ur thing my dear prisy.

  5. And you say I shouldn’t believe you’ve expended up to a million? Now, I see why I should believe.
    This is Beautiful!!


  6. She’s my class mate o(famzing)…well I’m alwz not in class or late to class but each time I’m in class its coz I want to see wat priscilla would be wearing lol…kip it up prisy!! Jah bless!

  7. On that particular loubs,i saw it, the original costs 6500dollars,so hw on earth did she get it. Them Kardashians re still renting and this one brought fake-origo. lmao,too funny

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