360Men’s Fashion: Brunello Cucinelli – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

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The goal when 360Men’s fashion started was to create a platform for all men to check on trend and fashion updates and guide to fashion and things and I feel like I’m almost failing to deliver but I may have found a permanent way to keep it interesting! 🙂

Work with me MEN! and tell me what you think!

Today, We will be having a look at an Italian  designer’s collection for the S/S13 in trend, his taste and creativity is perfect for the season; both accessories and apparel included! Some expensive and some not so expensive but they will be items to die for, items worth saving for as long as possible  to purchase !  …WAIT FOR IT….

 Brunello Cucinelli – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

While many of you might not be familiar with Cucinelli designs and collections, I’m honored to be the one introducing you to this dapper individual who derives joy in creating clothes with the goal of making every other male a dapper individual! 😀 You see in the French and Italian industries there are so many designers that are creative and of high class and price and well respected amongst their own but do not publicize as flamboyantly as Versace, Armani and Louboutin will do. I like to call them the elite designers, their products are of high finesse just as the Armani’s and YSLs the difference is the fact that they do not publicize as much.

In this collection, you notice the Italian touch in that  there is a lot of outer wear, and being aware of the fact that Nigeria is a temperate region, I ‘m sure the outerwear layering done in this collection cannot be attempted by you guys so I will write about the alternatives to each of the looks that might not work in a hotter region.

Cucinelli focuses on denim jackets and the down vests for this collection, the square quilted vest with the varsity jacket collar, the sartorial vest; which features a small shawl collar and their signature jacket details, and finally, the asymmetrical biker jacket down vest are also involved. This collection is a perfect fit for those who like to bring formal looks a notch lower to the informal level, it juxtaposes formal and informal pieces together, I am absolutely in lust with it, its just modern and it screams “ITALIAN”.The colour scheme moves around the hues of green, maroon, red, blue, and brown; enjoy the look book below!


This is a perfect example of the semi-formal looks, the V neck T under the suede blazer with a pocket square is a perfect combo!
The modern touch to this collection, notice the way in which the belt was worn, entwining the left over part of the belt so it looks fashionable



Well depending on how cold your place of work is, this can work perfectly, its a layer of denim on, wool and a blazer, the wool will most likely be too much for us Nigerians so you can stick with Denim and the Blazer!


This is still doable, for a our climate, notice the plaid pattern! A layer of a waist coat and a satorial coat with mild textile
This one’s definately too much but would have been sexy if you were on holiday in london or something!
!One of my favourites!!! a shirt, denim jacket and a down vest!!!! wonderful and you can definately pull this off, without feeling too hot! Just have AC in your car sha lool
This one is just breath taking, the colour of the down vest is just catchy! the combo is unbelievable; suit and down vest= le best!!! Very Dapper




Notice the wallets, vintage messenger bags, loafers and moucasins and the tailored Ts as well!
The T shirts with plaid collars are part of the collection! And Cucinelli makes a statement with back packs
A man should have brogues in his closet! Its a must have shoe style!


To order any of these pieces or even a full outfit, go to http://boutique.brunellocucinelli.com

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