3-Year Old Baby With Meningitis Saved By iPhone App

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Hollie Weeks, a 3-year old baby suffering from meningitis has an iPhone app to thank for her mother calling an ambulance.

According to Mrs Weeks, “”I went on my iPhone symptom checker from Meningitis Trust because something just didn’t sit right. I had a feeling in my gut. I went through her symptoms — headache, vomiting and stiff neck — and they were on the app checklist so I decided I wouldn’t take a chance and called an ambulance.”

Mrs Weeks had downloaded the app some months earlier, after a class mate of her elder daughter died from meningitis. And according to doctors, if she had delayed calling the ambulance for just one hour more, her daughter might have died.

Meningitis is an infection that usually occurs in children younger than 5 and has varying degrees of severity, with common cases usually clearing up without treatment. However, more severe instances can result in seizure, brain damage and even death, which is why seeking immediate medical attention is so important if symptoms present themselves.



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