UK Border Agency Revokes London Metropolitan University’s Overseas License

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The UK Border Agency has revoked the license of the London Metropolitan University to sponsor overseas students, a decision which means it can no longer continue to teach the 2,600 non-EU students in its population.

The decision was made after an audit by the UKBA, and the minister for immigration, Damian Green, said the university had a serious, systematic failure, and did not have the capacity to sponsor these overseas students.

The minister made mention of some of the school’s offences, one being that one-quarter of the non-EU students in the school were illegally in the UK, another being that most of them didn’t reach the required standard of English for study in the UK, and that the University couldn’t prove that non-EU students were regularly attending their classes.

The decision means that all non-EU students in London Met have 60 days to either find places at other universities or to leave the country.



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