Thou Shall Not Piss! US Troops Punished For Urinating On Taliban

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On July 27, 2001, a video was released showing 3 US Marines urinating on what was the corpses of dead Taliban fighters. The video caused a major spark worldwide, with Afghan President Hamad Karzai labelling the action and questioning the morality of the US military, as this incident happened not long after the Quran incident where some US Army soldiers went to a prison library and removed over 100 copies of the Holy Book and burned them.

The Marine Corps has now announced that the three Marines in the video had pleaded guilty to charges. The Marine Corps however, did not disclose the names and the disciplinary measures to be taken against them. The US Army has also said it has given “administrative punishment” to the soldiers involved in the Quran incident.

Of all the places to piss, on top your fellow man? *shaking my head for them*



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