THE ONE-ON-ONES: Praiz (Season 1 Finale)

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Happy Thursday!!! It’s the last episode of season 1, Le Season Finale, and I have a very sweet episode to end up this season with the multi-talented R&B artiste, Praiz.

Wana: Good evening, Praiz.
Praiz: Good evening boss.

Wana: How things?
Praiz: I’m fab bro! We are walking on Hustle Street.

Wana: Walking ke? You no get money enter Okada?
Praiz: #GBAM… Your head is there!

Wana: LOOOOL… What’s your full name?
Praiz: My name is Praise Ugbede Adejo.

Wana: You’re from what state?
Praiz: I’m from Kogi state, and I’m Igala by tribe.

Wana: Igala… I know one boy from that tribe… Him wahala too much. Is that how Igala people are?
Praiz: LMAOOOOO… No oh… Check well I no sure say na Igala boy oh… Maybe na :x… I’m sure he’s from your place you no just know.

Wana: LOOOOL! At all oh! We Yoruba people are gentle… What’s your date of birth?
Praiz: I didn’t mention any tribe oh! LOOOOOOL… I was born on the 8th of March… Early Eighties.

Wana: When and how did you get into music?
Praiz: I got into music after secondary school! I was always hanging out with my friend in the studio who is a producer… From hanging out at the studio, I became a session drummer, then became a music producer. That’s how I became friends with music.

Wana: Do you still produce or you just stick strictly to singing?
Praiz: I still produce. I produced a couple of tracks that would be in the album.

Wana: Hmmmm… We wait patiently… If it wasn’t for music, what would have been your day job?
Praiz: If It wasn’t music, I would be doing stuff related to what I studied in school! IT engineering.

Wana: Ah!!! So Praiz is a nerd?
Praiz: Hahahahahahaha. I’m a sure boy! Don’t be deceived LOOOOL

Wana: Ah… Hmmmm… Sure boy abi? What’s your relationship status?
Praiz: My relationship status? LOOOOOL… I’m single … I’m looking for her 😉

Wana: You haven’t seen her since? Ahan! I still saw her in Ojuelegba yesterday nah.
Praiz: No be Banana Island you dey live? Wetin carry you go Ojuelegba?

Wana: Banana Island ko, Pineapple lake ni 🙁
If there was one Nigerian celebrity female you could have all to yourself for one night, who would it be?
Praiz: Looool

Wana: No Loooool jor… Who would it be nah?
Praiz: =-? No name comes to mind.

Wana: No name is coming to mind? Hmmmm. I know when I will catch you. Have you ever cried during a movie?
Praiz: No I haven’t.

Wana: You dey form gangsta abi? Haven’t you seen Titanic?
Praiz: LMAOOOO! The one wey Balotelli act?

Wana: Ehn na… I don even forget say na you direct them… And I used to think you had a soft side oh…
Praiz: LOOOOL! You be the cameraman now! How can you forget such an epic shoot?

Wana: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Wana: So you’ve not done anything romantic before?
Praiz: I have but I don’t know if you’d call it romantic. Gave a bamboo instead of a rose as a gift…

Wana: LMFAOOOOO! Bamboo bawo?
Praiz: LOOOL x_x

Wana: What’s the worst nickname you’ve ever had?
Praiz: Haven’t had a bad nick name though…

Wana: Oh? What nicknames have you had?
Praiz: Graphix & Legz Krazy.

Wana: Legz Krazy ke? Who gave you that name?
Praiz: My friends… They gave me name for 2 reasons… I play soccer really good and I play the drums too.

Wana: You play soccer real good? That’s what all you celebrities say… Una too dey lie jor *yimu*
Praiz: LOOOOL *knocks you*

Wana: Hahahahahaha! What position do you play?
Praiz: I play as an attacker.

Wana: Uhm… Cristiano Ronaldo Praiz… Iss Nor Easy…
Praiz: Abeg abeg. Lionel Praiz Messi.

Wana: Buhahahahahahaha!
Praiz: Yes oh… That’s what’s up!

Wana: What’s your favorite genre of music to listen to?
Praiz: R n B is life mehn… Then soft and alternative rock.

Wana: Who’s your favorite nigerian RnB artiste?
Praiz: Myself 😉

Wana: LOOOOOL! #TeamRich&Famous 😀 What is Praiz addicted to?
Praiz: Hahahahaha. Music is my addiction.

Wana: Music over food? Sex? Video games?
Praiz: Lmao see this guy ! Why you wan bring sex enter… You wan implicate me abi… LOOOOL… I love video games though.

Wana: Implicate you ke? I no be 2Face oh. O:)
Praiz: :p

Wana: Oya let’s round this up… I’ll give you choices and you’ll choose 1… Ready?
Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Praiz: Dodo.

Wana: Ah… You’re not a sure boy at all. #TeamMoinMoin.

Wana: 360Nobs or any other Nigerian entertainment site? 😀
Praiz: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Well done oh! I’ll choose “All” NIGERIAN SITES.

Wana: Buhahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the interview, Praiz. One day, me too I’ll be rich & famous like you 😀
Praiz: =D My pleasure, Boss.
There you have it folks! Season 1 is a wrap! Thanks to Tunde Ednut, Cyrus Tha Virus, Kidkonnect, DIPP, D’Prince, YQ, Yung6ix, FiveMics, & Praiz for appearing on the series.

See you next season!



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