Snoop Dogg Changes Name, Becomes Snoop Lion

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Snoop Dogg has changed his name to Snoop Lion after a trip to the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. The 40 year old American rapper born Calvin Broadus, Jr. decided he is now born again after a spiritual transformation he went through in the reggae Island. Snoop now believes he is the new Bob Marley reincarnated.

He is abandoning hip hop culture in the process and is now ready to make music his children and grandchildren can now listen to. His first ever reggae album titled Reincarnated will be out next season.

The former rapper was also given an Ethiopian name Berhane meaning “light of the world” while in Jamaica. And it seems the Marley family is in support of the move as Bob Marley’s son Rohan was present at the New York press conference where Snoop Lion made the change of identity known to the world.

Snoop says he is not fully abandoning hip hop but he had to move ahead since he is bored with the genre and it is neither challenging nor appealing to him anymore. He says it feels like a 19 or 20 year old boy again with his new identity.



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