Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: Who Is Getting Lucky?

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Following the ruling by the USADA that 7-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, was guilty of doping and the subsequent recommendation to the international cycling body that all his titles be revoked, speculation has begun on who will receive the titles.

This is because the most of the runner-ups to Armstrong have all come under their own doping scandals in past. The runner-up to Lance in his Tour de France victories are as follows:

1999: Alex Zulle (confessed to EPO use)
2000: Jan Ullrich (suspended from 2006 Tour; banned this year and stripped of all results from 2005 on)
2001: Jan Ullrich
2002: Joseba Beloki (kept out of 2006 Tour while under doping invsetigation, later cleared)
2003: Jan Ullrich
2004: Andreas Kloden (accused of transfusion in 2006 Tour)
2005: Ivan Basso (confessed to attempted doping, suspended)

Whoever gets the nod from the international cycling body to receive Armstrong’s titles though, should definitely consider himself lucky.



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