Kim Kardashian: “I’m More Popular Than Angelina Jolie”

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Watch out Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie isn’t too happy with you! The 31-year-old reality star was reportedly overheard boasting to friends that she’s more famous than the Oscar-winning actress.


“One of Angie’s team members pointed the story out to her, thinking she’d get a good laugh out of it, but she actually got annoyed,” an insider tells Star. “Angie works super hard to make an impact on the world with her charity work and everything else she does. The last think she wants is to be compared to someone as shallow as Kim, who just shops and makes public appearances. She thinks Kim saying these things actually drags down her reputation.”

Though Angelina tries her best to stay out of the Hollywood spotlight, she is furious that Kim would use her name simply to get media attention. “It’s ridiculous that Kim would think she’s more famous than Angie,” adds the insider. “Angie says they’re not even in the same league.”





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  1. the truth is that Kim is actually more popular than Angelina Jolie especially to the younger generations. Jolie’s time is kinda over, sex appeal sell more than charity work and that is the ugly truth

  2. Beee or wt ever ur ugly name is….shut up!…u heard?..shatap!…where was kim when jolie was on d spotlite? Probably in d six grade or smefin she didnt even think of being who she is today…..why do people just conclude without knwing anything?….hw many awards does kim have?…none dat is relevant to wt jolie has….go and dream ur fantasies away if u hav nothing to write… a matter of fact….they are nt even on d same category!!!!! Kim is jst a reality TV wanna be nd jolie?….hm even ur unborn children knw she is hot!!

  3. I love Angie as well as Kim but as Angie rightly said they are not in the same league. Comeon! Kim is a small girl where Angie is.she thinks probably becos of her body and kanye she’s hotter than Angie now? I guess she must have forgotten when Angie and Brad were the hottest couple in d world! I think kim was still sucking her moms(chris)breast! Haha ha

  4. Yeah, right! More popular when it comes to sleeping around with any available man. I’m sorry Kim, u have to try harder. Still counting days for till ur new marriage collapses, cos i know it will. A leopard never rids himself of his spots.

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