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One of radio’s finest, Meka Akerejola, needs to be kept alive.

Meka, who started radio professionally in 2011, is a staff Rhythm 94.7, Abuja. The host of the station’s The Morning Drive, Meka is a vibrant individual who loves life and aims to give back to his community.

However, in March 2011, Meka was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. This is a condition which has made Meka suffer from hypertension, exhaustion and drowsiness. His body retains water, resulting in him having swollen feet.

Meka, who does not drink alcohol, contracted this disease as a result of a rare kidney infection; his condition requires that he gets a kidney transplant as soon as possible.

Meka and his doctors have identified a compatible kidney donor. This procedure, however, needs to be performed abroad and will cost a total of Seven (7) Million Naira.

Friends of Meka, who come from all spheres of life including Bankers, Comedians, On Air Personalities, PR personnel and musicians to name a few, have outlined several projects over the course of the next two weeks to help raise funds for Meka.

This group however cannot raise this amount alone. It is for this reason that we call on well meaning Nigerians to be a part of Meka’s miracle.

We believe if 7000 Nigerians donate 1000 Naira, we will meet our target of seven million Naira in no time.

Due to the short time frame we have to actualize this goal, we have no other option than going public so our voice may be heard.  The sooner we act, the better;we as a country can put an end to Meka’s pain.

This is an appeal to the public to help keep Meka alive.

All donations can be made into the following accounts:


ACCOUNT NUMBER : 2080664569




ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0023054669


For more information, you can contact any of the following people:

Wale Ojo : +2347025096839 (Rhythm 94.7, Abuja, Nigeria. )

Shedy Kay :+2347065598231 (99.9 Kiss FM, Abuja, Nigeria. )

Oche Ejiga: +2347067723969 (iBlend, Abuja, Nigeria. )

Douglas Jekan : +2348069211173 (Beat, 99,9 FM, Lagos, Nigeria.



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